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    Thanks for the info Jack. I'll be checking out your post on the XCR forum.

    ETA: I had already seen this thread and just didn't connect the two.

    One good thing about my Alzheimers; I meet lots of new people. :o
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    More stories: my uncle Bill was at the Chosin. And he never talked about it. It really bothered him, all these years later. He had first joined the army, then the marines. He was sitting in his foxhole one night in that half sleep that is the best you can get in that situation, and a chi-com actually fell into his foxhole in the dark and the bayonet on the end of his rifle gave him a wicked scar above his eye as he fell. They grappled, and Uncle Bill won.

    My grandmother, the hardest woman I ever met, got word her eldest son was missing in action, as many familes did. Unconvinced, my grandparents went out and bought him a new Oldsmobile convertible, and started to write him letters about what was waiting for him at home. He came home to that car.

    So, yes, train hard. Every now and again, shoot at ranges you think you will never need. And yes, I mean 100 yards with a handgun. We never know.

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    Just curious, how is the "Human Wave Drill" done?

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    Default 154 gr. Wolf 7.62.39 at long range

    I was thinking about what one poster said, re: accuracy and energy, subsonic effects at 500. The 154 SP still maintaining 1272fps at 500, is still supersonic, and energy is impressive compared to the little bullet.

    Check out this from a spreadsheet by the Wolf folks.

    I am pretty much changing to the 154 for all around use.

    Bruce Hinton
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    'They', the jihaddi, may wear headbands with badges of martyrdom, affiliation, dedication to death. Should 'they' come your way, so attired, do not wonder if 'trouble' is on the way. It, too, has already come.

    Bonus section:
    S&W Mo19 on the prowl?

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    one man force: The Chinese Human Wave Attack was pretty simple. There was about half a dozen self-resetting poppers set at 200 and 300 yards, IRRC. Three minutes of shooting time, with the shooter in prone. JaS described the results in his first post.

    At other venues, the Chinese Human Wave Attack has been done on a military pop-up range. Opportunities there were better than at Worland this past January. JaS pretty much described the way that steel targets were shot at, lacking a resetting popup range, in his first post on this thread.

    Sometimes, a military range with rows of popups, is nice. Currently this venue is hard to find for a civilian shooter. So you have to line up the poppers at various ranges and call it good enough, better than most can see and shoot at for twenty bucks per day.

    I was one of the Garand shooters referred to on the first post. I shot six enblocs with a couple of misses and stood up quite a bit before the time was up for shooting within that three minute time period. Effective shooting for training goes only so far. Popups and human wave events are not training, they are dessert.

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    Default 600 yds....

    that's hot...

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    I've never questioned the rounds ability to hit a target at extended ranges but rather its ability to do any damage. To me that is in question.

    I love my AK but will it take the bad guy outa the fight in say a "counter sniper" scenario where you might be forced to engage at a longer range than otherwise planned? However unlikly, we must plan for the worst. I'm concerned that it does not have enough umph to get to the good at these ranges, let alone hit a small target like a head poking up over the cover. To me this is where the AR/m16 begins to take advantage.

    Is it wrong of me to level this critisizm against the AK? I can only afford one rifle and more so can only carry one.

    EDIT: i was also under the impression that nobody really knows what a bullets energy contributes, We do know that it aids in penetration but in terms of wound cavitation does it do anything?

    So really the only negative of the x39 is it just runs outa gas before the 5.56? IMHO the fact that that its a heavier projo alone is a redeeming quality. BTW, Wolf 123gr HP's are pretty impressive.

    Good vid, check out his others;
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    Not sure about the answers to your questions. I just wanted to suggest that a .223 AK might be a good compromise if you can only have one rifle. I have a Saiga AK in .223 that is fabulously accurate with iron sights and low-end steel-cased ammo. I suspect that with quality ammo and optics that it could approach 1 MOA (or better???).

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    Quote Originally Posted by BS88 View Post
    I've never questioned the rounds ability to hit a target at extended ranges but rather its ability to do any damage. To me that is in question.
    My 7.62x39 ammo is calculating on a ballistics chart @ 1080 fps 370 ft-lbs at 600 yards.... I think it would be effective enough that you would care not be shot by one.

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    Obviously the AK would not make a very well planned out dedicated "Sniper" weapon. Yet I am a fan of mastering the equipment one is given or has at hand for the mission. Yes, mastering those simple Infantry Tasks and weapons is what makes some of our own armed forces excel and separates them from other mediocre units.

    Check out this video and tell me that some rounds were not fired at a distance beyond "AK's 200 or 300" meter max range. I also be some casualties were taken by those on the recieving end! I'm a fan of studying all the resources we have available and this video along with others are a good education for some of us!

    I like to watch various clips online and think to myself would my load out or my weapon system do what I want it to in this envirnment?! Just some food for thoughts!;)
    Shoot, Move, Communicate!


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