When I opened up Warrior Talk it was with the intent of offering an alternative to those "other" forums out there which are populated by the antagonists, the cowards, and the key board commandoers, who seek only to provoke and generally attack others (via the safety of the internet where there is no price for disrespectful behavior).

It has been an interesting battle to keep folks like that out of WT as the forum has grown so much so quickly. Nonetheless, six have been summarily deleted from our community up to this date.

These include two gents who have attacked other posters (and future moderators) on the forum, one particularly craven soul who has attacked me personally on several occasions, and another who has taken overt actions against Suarez International by attempting to sabotage our training courses in Michigan and in Louisiana. Just like the real life terrorists in america, guys like this will simply be removed permanently.

My goal has been and is to raise Warrior Talk head and shoulders above the other forums that aspire to be source of information and brotherhood that Warrior Talk has become. I welcome all your comments and suggestions.

Thank You All,