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    Default Gun stolen from baggage at Philadelphia International Airport

    Airline Fails To Report Gun Stolen From Baggage

    At Least 11 Guns Stolen From Baggage At PHL In Past 3 Years

    POSTED: 12:19 am EST November 14, 2007
    UPDATED: 1:27 am EST November 14, 2007

    PHILADELPHIA -- A former police officer said his gun was stolen at Philadelphia International Airport. Because of the theft, there is a federal investigation. But what is just as upsetting to the former SEPTA police officer is the attitude of the airline.

    Two weeks after the gun went missing from his US Airways baggage, Tim Boukouris said he can't get a call back from the airline.

    "It's in reference to my stolen firearm," Boukouris said, making one of the phone calls.

    Now, he's convinced his gun is in the hands of a criminal on the streets of Philadelphia. So, he called Lu Ann Cahn and the NBC 10 Investigators.
    "I'm offended, and everybody in Philadelphia and this region should be offended that these people don't have enough concern," Boukouris said.

    On Oct. 14, Boukouris flew US Airways from Philadelphia to New Orleans for a police chiefs' convention. He said he packed a gun in a lock box, signed paperwork and checked it into luggage complying with all Transportation Security Administration regulations.
    When he landed, the gun case arrived, but the gun was gone.

    "I want to know who they fired for this, this travesty. I want to know what's going on, what kind of investigation they're doing. Nothing, I've gotten nothing back," Boukouris said.

    US Airways Security at Philadelphia International Airport refused to comment on camera.

    The corporate office said when a gun is reported missing, they notify corporate security and start an investigation. They don't notify police because it's technically the passenger's property.

    "It's neglect. It's criminal neglect," Boukouris said.
    Boukouris notified everyone, including Philadelphia police, the TSA, and TSA notified Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms.
    "There's been a number of incidents at the airport involving gun thefts," an ATF official told NBC 10.

    Officially, police said 11 guns have been missing or stolen from Philadelphia International in the last three years. Sources said it is probably twice that number.

    "If you lost your makeup kit, it's treated pretty much the same way as this gentleman was when a firearm was misplaced, and I think that's a very dangerous problem," said Congressman Rob Andrews, of New Jersey.
    Andrews sits on the terrorism subcommittee in Washington.

    "This is not rocket science here. I mean, there should be a system where the airline keeps track of the gun, and where the TSA requires them to keep track of the gun and guns don't get lost," Andrews said.

    The TSA told NBC 10 that "gun theft from checked baggage is an issue TSA is tackling head-on"
    But how can the TSA investigate if it doesn't know the gun is missing?
    "The gun came out of this airport. Where is it now? How did they get it out of the airport?" Boukouris said.
    That's simple.

    "What happened to the metal detector here?" Cahn asked an employee.
    Three years ago, the NBC 10 Investigators reported on lax screening of US Airways employees, showing workers going through metal detectors but no one checking their bags.
    Now, the TSA said it has just advised the airline to take the metal detector down, that it didn't serve a security purpose.

    Meanwhile, between January and September, US Airways reported more missing and stolen items than any other major airline in the country.
    "They are walking off with jewelry and laptops and guns and personal items that belong to people because nobody's there to stop them," Boukouris said.

    Boukouris said he can't sleep thinking about it.
    "I dread the day I get a phone call that someone says we found the gun, it was used in a homicide," he said.

    As a result of this story, Andrews said he will draft legislation requiring the airline to report and the TSA to track missing and stolen guns, Cahn reported.

    Boukouris said US Airways reimbursed him Tuesday for his gun while the feds keep looking for it.
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    Lost? Missplaced? Gone missing? Don't ya just love it. CAN YOU SAY STOLEN! Ripped Off! It would not take a genius to figure out who STOLE IT. How many people actually handle a bag from point A to B. They are all suspect. What a joke.

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    Just like UPS, which self insures so it can ignore employee theft, and, for handgun shipments, charges exhorbitant rates to cover the costs.

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    This is definitely a problem, but I get scared whenever someone from New Jersey begins calling for some means of keeping track of the guns. I'm not sure that these guys are really our friends. Before you begin clamoring for a solution, consider the unintended consequences of "better security" for guns.
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    Mac,I had a number of guys on probation from both U.P.S. and Fed X, they took it seriously down here,Dan
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    Glad to hear it!


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