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    Default My Review of My First Suarez Class

    I would like to comment on my first experience with Suarez International.
    The class I am referring to is the Defensive Pistol Class in Chattanooga.
    I have no previous training with firearms. This is mainly due to the expense and travel involved with most other organizations that I am familiar with.

    I am not much of a writer or typer so I will get to the point.

    What I was looking for:
    I wanted to learn the proper techniques of handing and firing my firearm.

    My Instructor: Randy Harris
    Personable, patient, very knowledgeable, and an incredible marksman.
    After saying that, he is a modest fellow also.
    (You can mail me that check now Randy.:D )

    My Instruction:
    I was expecting endless, boring routines of nothing but shooting.
    We did practice a lot of routines of proper shooting techniques.
    But I also learned real world uses of those techniques.
    Like being aware of my environment, profiling, and how to be pro-active
    to responding to possible threats to myself.
    Threats that hopefully can be diffused without the use of violence or the use of my firearm.
    If not, I now have a plan and the confidence to execute it.
    That is about as short and sweet as I can put that.

    Did I get what I was looking for?:
    No, I received more than I expected.
    I received clear, personal, real world training that I could afford.

    Will I consider Suarez International again in the future?
    You bet, Randy has interested me in another upcoming class which I plan to attend, hopefully with my wife.

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    Very cool! And welcome to the forum.

    I have not met Randy yet, my first class with Gabe last year was excellent also. Im looking forward to my next classes this year with Gabe or with those who have Gabes confidence.

    Isnt it great to have true quality, down to earth instruction available to us commoners!:)

    again, welcome
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    Glad you enjoyed your class, and welcome to WT!

    Randy is a great guy and instructor, as are all of the SI group that I have met.
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    Randy is one of the hardest working guys I know. He keeps his personal edge constantly sharp. He is a good man to learn things from. Many different things.
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    Welcome to WarriorTalk Ninjason.

    Glad to hear that you had a good time and learned lots from your very first class.

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    Default Training with SI

    I have the fortune to attend a Gabe`s class the only (yet) time Gabe came to Argentina.
    I`ve been take some classes before this one, with others instructors (none SI) and I must to say that Gabe`s instruction was very, very can I say it?...very "on your face" training.
    Sadly we can`t do some things, like " down good guy figth" and more hard hand on hand figth. Some time restrictions and some phisical fitness problems from some students
    BTW...Welcome to the WTF!!!
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    Randy is a good dude. Very personable, approachable, and knowledgeable.

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    Randy is a top notch instructor and a true gentleman!
    Yea, though I walk through the valley, in the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil, for I graduated from Suarez International's Ultimate Combat Skills Course.

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    Default Me too...

    I second everything ninjason said. Other than the blazing March sun , I had a blast! Randy is an excellent instructor IMHO. He is modest and patient and does a very good job of getting his point across. I was impressed by willingness to SHOW me how to do things and answer all of my silly questions. I drove 7 hours one-way to take his class and would (will) gladly do it again. Thanks Randy!:)
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    Thanks guys!

    I really appreciate the kind words. I too really enjoyed the class and look forward to having you guys back! And like I said, if you continue to work the material we covered , when you come back you will be unconscously competent with your pistols and able to focus solely on winning the fight not running the gun.

    We saw a huge improvement just from Saturday to Sunday in skill and confidence. Keep building on that and you guys will be way far ahead of the game.

    And there were no "silly " questions. I'm just glad you could follow the long winded answers. I just wanted to make sure everything was answered in context of the fight not context of the square range. "Because that is how we do it" is NOT an acceptable answer from an instructor IMHO.

    Hope to see you soon!
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