The Suarez Method
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    Quote Originally Posted by Section1_Operations
    "L1A1" or "SA58" or "FALs"...
    That is what I thought. I can't figure out a way to spoof the search engine's 4-letter minimum requirement to look for "FN" either. :(

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    Post Pointer to "New FAL Owner w/Questions"

    Very good thread for the new FAL owner, with a discussion of how to sight in the FAL rifle.

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    Post Pointer to "Cool M-14 (.308) Chest Pouch"

    Since nearly everything today is built to hold M16 or AK-47 magazines, chest rigs to carry FAL or G3 magazines are a bit hard to find. This thread has a discussion of chest rigs for the 7.62 NATO magazines and where to get them. Many pictures.
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    Post Pointer to "DSA SA58 OSW 13" : Your thoughts please"

    An excellent thread on the short-barreled FAL offerings from D.S. Arms (DSA).

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    Post Pointer to "Speed Reloads for the FAL"

    The thread title is pretty clear. How to properly load a fresh magazine into the FAL. I learned a few things when reading this thread. :)

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    Post Pointer to "Scope Mount For The FAL"

    How to solidly mount a telescopic sight atop your FAL with its flimsy sheet metal dust cover.

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    Post Pointer to "Project FAL Advice Requested"

    Excellent advice on building your own FAL rifle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cameron
    I didn't want to make a new thread...

    Go make a new thread already! :D

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