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    Default The coming of the "Ultra-Violence"

    I hope this scenario will turn out to just be a mental exercise, but I'm afraid it won't be. I'm actually more worried about this than I ever was about the Russians attacking us.

    So here goes...

    I believe the Islamic extremists worldwide, be they Hamas, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, or some new group, are actively trying to obtain nuclear weapons. If they are not, then as our enemy they are not doing all they can to defeat us. I have read article after article on the internet and elsewhere that the Russians may be missing some of their nuclear material. This is not to mention the fact that Iran and South Korea are alleged to be working on nuclear power, so I believe it will just be a matter of a few years--if that--before the Islamic extremists obtain one or more nuclear bombs.

    When they do, their primary goal will be to deliver them to targets within the US. There are several ways they can do this; I won't detail them here. Suffice it to say that if the liberal media can question "holes" in our security then our enemies have already gotten wind of them.

    So here's the scenario:

    Using several different methods, either cargo carriers in seaports, airplanes, or smuggling up through Mexico, let's say that in the year 20XX that several nuclear bombs with roughly the yield of the Hiroshima bomb find their way into several major US cities. On (month) (day), 20XX, at promptly 9 am, the terrorists coordinate the detonations as precisely as possible. By 9:01 am New York, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, and (fill in city here) have ceased to exist.

    The country is in chaos. Local television is able to go on the air as much as possible, but national network feeds are gone. National news services are gone. It takes local media in all markets from a few minutes to several hours to inform the public what has happened.

    Military and law enforcement are suddenly faced with a nationwide panic. It is not known how much, if any, of our three branches of government have survived.

    As the hours go by, it becomes apparent that the national infrastructure has suffered a blow as well. There are major power outages in various places around the country, not to mention the lingering death from the initial attacks, coupled with radiation poisoning, fallout, etc.

    As the full implications of what has happened begin to sink in, various factions around the country, including criminal gangs such as the Bloods and the Crips, begin to see this as their chance to take over their "territories." Major gang wars erupt around the country as every two-bit street gang sees this as an opportunity to consolidate its power.

    Meanwhile, enough of our military is left, be it nuclear submarines or military units stationed overseas that our former enemies such as Russia and China decide not to "finish us off" since we have enough capability to retaliate that they would not survive without major casualties.

    The military, however, is kept busy. Whatever is left of our country's federal government decides immediately to call all troops home from wherever they may be stationed in other countries. Germany is abandoned; South Korea is on its own. Despite the best efforts of various law enforcement and other agencies in the continental US to maintain order, the genie is out of the bottle. Citizens in various sections of the country have to form groups just to survive and fight back against the various gangs and other factions trying to take over. Refugees flee to Canada and Mexico. Anyone with the ability to seek safe haven in another country heads for whatever ports and airports may be in operation.

    The government has no choice but to declare martial law. Food lines form as the normal channels of distribution have broken down. Major segments of the economy are missing. For some commodities, only computer records can be used to try to rebuild the supply chain. The only problem is, in major areas of the country the EMP from the nuclear blasts has disrupted all electronic devices, leaving computers, communications, etc., unusable.

    The new president of the U.S., Joseph Survivingsenator, cautions people that it may take several weeks or months to restore order. The only way this information has gotten to you is through a badly damaged videotape that you somehow got your hands on through a person with "connections." You also learn that the government is so desperate to restore order that they have begun setting up "concentration camps" and "processing centers" to try to weed out anyone who may present a continuing threat to the country. You wonder if you fit any of the "categories". Your only salvation is that they may be too busy elsewhere to bother you for a while.

    You now know that the average citizen in the U.S. is on his own. As word gets around, even normal law-abiding citizens become reduced to animals, looting and pillaging just for basic supplies. The smart people have headed for isolated areas away from the major cities--hopefully to places where they can barter or work for sustenance with someone they know. Some head for the hills just to hide out with relatives or people they know until it all--someday--blows over.

    But you--you don't know anyone up in the hills. All you have to work with is what is in your area. You were smart years ago to stock up on weapons and ammunition, but somehow you don't think your small stock of food will last you very long. You need to do something to protect and feed yourself and your family. You also don't know how long this "anarchy" is going to last.

    The entire country has come apart and killing, looting, and pillaging are everywhere. This is part of what I call "The Ultra-Violence."

    What will you do?

    (Okay, a couple of things:

    First, some people will say that this scenario is paranoid or that it can't happen. You have a perfect right to your opinion, and it is noted. I'm chalking this scenario up to being somewhere between improbable and likely, in other words, JUST possible. I have based this scenario on information I have obtained from any number of public sources. All I've done is link them together.

    Second, I know this scenario is probably full of holes, and that's one of the reasons I started this thread. I WANT someone with knowledge to point out what's wrong with this scenario. Maybe we can then all breathe easier. :)

    Third, I don't believe I am giving the terrorists ideas. A lot of my scenario comes from radio talk shows right here in the US. My point is: if several people who call in to radio talk shows can think of these things, then I'm sure the terrorists already have as well. :) I firmly believe that the terrorists have already thought of using nukes on us and are actively working on it. That's why this is so scary.)

    So I'd love to read people's responses to this. You can tell me I'm dead wrong, but do it respectfully, please. :)

    I'd also love to hear what you'd do in this scenario.
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    I will have to chew on this scenario for a little while before I respond with my personal, tactical response.... however, if you have thought of this scenario, hopefully the federal government has as well, and hopefully they have let the governments of all the Islamic nations (Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Morocco etc etc etc) know what the catastrophic consequences to them will be were such an attack to take place on the USA.

    So... I would hope that Morocco, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, Malaysia all just up and disappear. Hopefully the US Air Force and US Navy will be quite busy that day, but not busy enough to compromise the retaliatory capability against Russia, China etc.

    Perhaps the thought of Mecca being fused silica glass for as far as the eye could see... when the pig intestine smeared B61 gravity bomb flashes thousands time hotter than the fires of Hell... will cause the Saudi Royal family et al to work hard to prevent something like this scenario from occurring...

    That said... were this to occur... I need more time to think about it...

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    Jeez Zoid...that's a pretty depressing story you got goin there! We of course don't know if this will ever happen. I think that if we were to get nuked, it would be just one or possibly two, not multiple strikes like in the scenerio.

    What would I do if this happened? Go shopping : ) I would just stay in my home, probably the safest place to be. I would team up with a neighbor so that our place would always be covered from possible thiefs. Just stay by the radio/TV and wait it out. I don't ever see our citizens turning into animals just to scrounge for supplies. Most likely everyone would work together to fix the problem. BTW, god help all those poor bastards in the middle east if a nuke ever touches our soil.

    Question for you guys: I live about 35 miles outside of Portland,OR(possible nuclear target) If a nuke hits there, do I need to drive as fast as I can away from there or am I safe enough to be in my house?
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    My first thoughts on this are...

    Most likely, as Brian says, there will be fewer rather than many detonations and people will work together more than you think. Don't undestimate the ability of people to step up to the plate, especially with a common enemy. Not that there won't be any problems.
    As far as the major gangs, you nuked LA, Miami and New York, what major gangs? :D
    Some religious organizations promote keeping up to a years supply of provisions. See why this may be a good idea? Since Y2K, I would have thought more people would have wised up to the idea. We've had multiple potential catastrophies since then and will continue to do have them. The Tango threat is just the most current and active. But I admit I haven't been vigilant about it either.
    You mention being caught with a small food supply. Well, it hasn't happened yet and you're thinking about it now, so fix it. Go buy something.

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    First, I hope this never happens! But I also do believe that there is a somewhat good chance that "they" could try something like it, if we don't stop them very soon.

    If it did happen, I would have no choice but to head for the hills, and back to my roots. When I was in school I spent as much time outdoors as indoors, hunting, fishing and camping. The old field books would have to read again to refresh my memory about plants to eat (or not to eat). All my ammo and guns, and fishing gear would be better than gold so they would have to be close at all times. My first thoughts would be to head far north (maybe across the border) away from larger cities and or ant fallout from the bombs. I would try to band together with friends that have the same type of past (or still current) skills in the outdoors.

    Next I would gather as many supplies as I or we can carry, then itís into the deep woods as fast as possible (all with in less than 24 hrs). Set up a base camp shelter and start working for survival, bare bones shelter, clean water, food and heat.

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    This is a possible at the least. Hopefully it can be stopped. I however beleive we will see suicide bombings or bio terrorism more prevalent here in the US than nuclear holocaust.

    It would not be paranoia to discretely preapare yourself as much as possible for any of it.

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    I agree with Georgel's idea of a years food supply stashed away. How many of us have that? I don't have a years worth,but after reading this thread, I just believe I may increase what I do have. I already have enough guns and ammo to start WWIII, so that's a non-issue.

    What about a rally point for all WTalker's to defend and claim as their own?
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    I think living in a community where you know and trust your neighbors, have armed relatives and friends around you can trust, and can finish a fallujah style gunbattle. Those are the keys to survival in such a situation.

    Plus, being able to put across an impression of being the big mean junkyard dog in on the block is also a plus.

    I remember a friend in Florida telling me about his neighborhood watch after a hurricane. A car full of gang bangers came down the street the day after the cane struck. The electric was off, and there was major damage. It would have seemed to have been an area ripe for looting.

    The car stopped, and before they knew it, they were surrounded at gunpoint by a half dozen suburbanites armed like Seal Team Six.

    They never came back, and no one else did, either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marcclarke
    Can you please cite some actual examples from recent (maybe the last 50 years) history where this sort of social breakdown actually took place following a catestrophic disaster?

    When I think back on the recent devestating earthquake in Kobe, Japan, I did not see this sort of breakdown social chaos, although the devestation to the city and its infrastructure resembled the aftereffects of a "successful" terrorist bombing.
    The loss of life in Japan was trivial and the government was still in full operation. I don't think this level of disaster (multiple nuke hits on major cities along with a capital) has happened in the last 50 years. In Africa there have been problems after famine became severe but that is the only case I can think of without doing some digging.

    My fear would be one nuke would get in and do some major damage and then the population at large would demand a stronger government with more regulations and control.

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    A popular response is to head for the hills. But generally to take a lot of gear with you a vehicle with passable roads is needed. Most of us could not carry on our backs very far at least the stuff we take to the range. Most roads I believe will quickly become blocked with traffic jams unless the area is truly rural. Living on the water would be a good option if you had a boat. Likewise a private plane nearby. But if you don't have a boat or plane nearby and live in at least a semi developed area, I believe you will probably be best served by staying in place. Now if radiation headed your way its a different ballgame. I believe it may be a very mixed situation with a lot of violence in some areas and other areas quiet, if only because roads will become gridlocked around major areas quickly and gasoline will be in short supply. I believe the violence may be strongest around places like Dearborn, Michigan with a large muslim population in an urban setting. I believe a lot of violence would be directed at muslims and muslims symbols.

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