The Suarez Method
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    which one works best for you???

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    Thanks for the great info.
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    Since finding this site and getting back into the Kalashnikov about a month ago, I've found a lot of good information on rifle mods that enhance the design as it is. My earlier problem with various AKs was trying to modify and run them like something other than an AK.

    With suggestions from this and other threads, I've so far done the following (and I think I'm about done):

    1) Did a dehorn all around, on every angle that was bothersome to run my finger across, all done with various files. Used 44-40 as a touchup, it seems the best of cold blue products, but it doesn't matter much how well it stays on. There's always paint, as others have said.

    2) Did a rear sight mod, sort of per Jim Fuller but a more clipped corner blade shape as in a Wilson pistol sight. Since the front sight base was pretty good being vertical, I centered the top of the front sight post in the protective wings and did windage and elevation changes at the rear sight. The windage correction was done by opening up the notch in the desired direction, it's about half again as wide as it was. I'd replaced the 1000m leaf with an 800m one, this screwed up the vertical zero. I'd hoped to correct it by milling the slider (needed about .110" removed), but there wasn't going to be enough material to get this done. I ended up milling the rear sight base elevating rails.

    The reasons for all of this work for elevation fixing, is because first, the shorter 800m blade does not get in the way like a 1000m blade does; and second, the ideas put forth in other stickies about using the FSB as a Caveman Eotech seem to require that the top of the front sight post be close to in the middle of the protective ears, in both axes.

    3) An M16A2 flash hider

    4) Bending out the selector lever away from the receiver (and in handling the gun, learning to leave it alone.)

    5) Modifying the Tapco G2 trigger pull, to a two-stage pull. There is another sticky on this board called "Maximizing the AK...", on page 14 of it there is detailed advice on how to do this. Having a predictable release point is a nice change from the original, for more deliberate shots.

    6) Putting a simple, cheap, and sturdy light mount on the lower handguard. The base is a Weaver #28, single slot. It's glued and screwed onto the wood. The ring is a low Weaver, with a large thumbscrew to get it on and off the base. The light is a SureFire G2. Its tailcap button is operated by the first knuckle of the support index finger.

    I appreciate all of the advice that's been put out on this board for rifle modifications, and for keeping the mods and operation of the rifle simple.

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    Default People happy with arsenal

    I also have a milled arsenal, and it, to me is the best factory ak, out there. I had a vepr but it was just too heavy. Otherwise it was every bit as nice as arsenal. Traded the veper for a polish, and some ammo. The polish is nice but not as slick inside as vepr or arsenal.

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    Default Safety lever adjustment.

    What is the correct procedure to adjust the safety lever on a stamped AK? I have an SA85M that is way to tight.
    Thanks Dave

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    Default 1034me

    You need to bend it outward slightly. There is a good bit of info on this. You may have to use search mode on ak mods to get more details. Otherwise just put some good oil on the inside of safety that rotates in reciever and just work it a lot.
    I don't keep mine loaded all the time, but when I do I rarely use the safety.
    There are some some upgrade safeties on one source on this forum.

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    Default Red Dot on the AK ?

    Gabe, Any knowledge of the Leatherwood 30mm 5MOA red dot scope relative to its' use on the AK instead of the Aimpoint T-1 ? Trying to save some money since I gotta buy two for two different AKs, mine and my son's. Getting them ready for the Houston AK seminar.

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    I plan to do some research on the various options. I will report on them soon. I haven't had any experience with the mount you mention.

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    Please pardon my ignorance in that I'm a complete noob with the AK. I purchased my first AK the other day. It's a Romanian GP WASR 10/63, mil-spec AKM clone, 7.62×39, imported by Century Arms Intl., and I've named her "Nastasha" (which means “resurrection”). I understand the value of good sights and a good trigger. I've learned about the issue with the shepherd hook spring replacement plate. I've made my selector lever more "accommodating". But what's the deal with a flash suppressor? I can see where one would lessen the "excitement" coming out of the barrel, but why do you feel it's an "essential"? Does it protect the user from becoming blinded by the flash and then not able to accurately place the 2nd and 3rd shot?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shamalama
    what's the deal with a flash suppressor? I can see where one would lessen the "excitement" coming out of the barrel, but why do you feel it's an "essential"? Does it protect the user from becoming blinded by the flash and then not able to accurately place the 2nd and 3rd shot?
    Yes, that is the purpose of a flash suppressor.
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