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    Does anyone know the thread size of the front post on WASR AK's?

    I used a gear puller to get windage right. To get elevation the front post it is only grabbing buy a couple of threads and wobbles. Blue Locktite removed the wobble but I really want more threads into the drum.

    I plan to use a longer screw and shape a front post.


    You shouldn't have to raise your front sight that high to get proper elevation unless you have a front sight post that is shorter than standard length. PM me your mailing address and we'll send you a standard sight post.
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    do not want to post on this forun
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    I made a sight adjustment tool useing a cheap 2inch c clamp and a piece of brass tube. worked awsome!
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    Back in the day, I bought a RPK adjustable rear site for my MAADI, I think I paid $30.00 for it from Global Trades, Now out of Biz.
    My front sight is canted a bit so this did the trick.

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    Just got though doing some zeroing in on a WASR 10/63 and my Type 56 Chinese SKS. It was easy to move the sights with my B Square Front sight tool. It clamps down on the front side with a screw on each side. It has a little lip that you can move up to fit under the drum on the front sight pin. Used an allen wrench/screw to move the front sight pin drum.

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