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    I use "continuum shooting". That means I learn to see what I need to see and do not lable or freeze it at any one point.

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    Default Thanks for the thread Gabe!

    After the other thread, I went and looked at a friend's AK(stock)and we went to the range. I found that it was not hard to make good hits out to about 250yds without having to take my time. The farther away, the more I spent verifying the sight pic before firing. My friend said that it did not seem too long of a wait compared to the previous shots either. Since I wear glasses, I may just get the improved sight from OST and just try that instead when I get the AK. Stocks are another story and different subject.

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    Gabe, Thanks for the credit on the FSA (Front Sight Assembly) shooting method. However I'm sure lots of folks have used it or something like it before I ever wrote about it.

    Since I am always looking for shortcuts to cut time off presentation and getting rounds on target, I use the "shooting out of the notch" method (as some call it) to shoot pistols. I looked at the AK sights and since they are similar I started using it with the AK. Works just as well.But the AK is even better for this .Much like the EOTECH sights have the big circle (65 MOA circle surrounding a 1MOA dot) the AK front sight has the big "ears". The front sight assembly brackets nicely on a human torso and it is ALOT faster than taking the time to line up a "picture perfect sight picture" when you need to get rounds on target FAST. Up close it is wicked fast.

    But I claim no credit for inventing ANYTHING. I'm not applying for a patent/copyright or any other ridiculous crap like that.;) I'm a firm believer that given the same motivation and some relevant experience that different people can come to the same conclusions without ever having seen each others' material or interacting with each other. Nothing is truly "New". When guys get out and "Do the Work" as Southnarc says, this becomes obvious. So please lets not start calling this the "CHL" method or anything like that. :D

    As Gabe mentions it is a SIGHTING CONTINUUM not one method over all others or to the exclusion of others. No one in their right mind would only use closed-fist punches to the exclusion of open hand strikes, knees, elbows and head butts in a fight because someone said closed-fist punching is the ONLY REAL way to do it. So we use what is appropriate WHEN it is appropriate. This FSA method is a shortcut that saves you arguably the most valuable commodity in a short range gunfight....TIME. For longer distances a more traditional sight picture is more appropriate. But since most gunfights (Even with rifles) tend to be short distance affairs, this method is definitely something to look at.
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    Very cool stuff indeed.

    I am experimenting w/ painting the ring on the FSA day glow orange to help with quicker acquisition when the sight comes into the field of view. Kind of like a caveman simple 6.5 MOA red dot on the EOTECH.

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    While test firing a gun one afternoon with no sights installed on the gun I noticed the same thing, with no front sight in the ring, it seemed even faster, Limited I know but out to 50 yrds it was minute of Hadji.

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    I love it. Take that gear-based gun school mafia!

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    I have been shooting my AKs like this for years. I was thinking about putting some orange tape on the front sight housing but now I will be raiding the kid's paint supply! Great idea. :D


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    Default Model paint

    Testor's model paint comes in fluorescent colors. The little model paint brushes are handy to use, too.
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    I'm thinking a white circle to contrast with the black sight?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gman10111951
    I now have Jim's "enhanced" rear sight on my helped a lot, but I need more "resolution" up front. Tried painting the post bright white...still doesn't jump out at me.

    I need something "jazzier"! Maybe day-glo will do the trick!:p
    Try Jim's rear sight with an XS white-striped front. Much better for my middle-aged eyes.

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