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    A good pair of socks and a Lacrosse ball. or signed baseball drop in the sock. swing hard.

    Many back packs or laptop cases have struts to
    prevent crushing, remove, sharpen, reinstall, not even an x ray machine will catch the difference.

    get a lacrosse ball drill a 5/16's hole in the ball, carry a stainless steel Cross pen, insert pen into hole, nice Awl effect.

    carry the no-cut boot laces, and a couple of wooden clothes pens, makes a nice garrote.

    Get a golf grip, add a few ounces of buck shot mixed with silicon sealant and tamp all the way to the fat end, nice unorthodox sap

    anyone over the age of 40 could carry a walking stick or cane.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pete f
    anyone over the age of 40 could carry a walking stick or cane.
    As can anyone under 40.

    Even healthy, physically fit marathon runners can get twisted ankles, stress fractures, or just plain sore and tired.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mballai
    Rolled up magazine makes an impact weapon. Airlines supply them free of charge :D
    I was revisiting this thread after reviewing Ray Floro's DVDs and he shows this as well. I tried it myself and it seems very effective. Also, I like his method of using a half full plastic Coke bottle as an impact device. Both of these seem like very effective, take anywhere items. I mean, where can't you take a magazine and a coke bottle?
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    I have carried a Stinger in my pocket and keychain for years- Laci Szabo gave me 2 at a knife show in Houston. Have flown with them no problem.

    Recently, I bought a couple of Worden "Defense Wrenches" which is similar to the Jones Bros. "Garrolite Party Favor" All of them a take on the tried and true Yawara Stick.

    I recently have been working with a Hand Shock a nifty force multiplier that I got a Krav Maga Seminar--I am not sure it will fly though.

    At any rate as Gabe said, a Good Heavy Belt and some Boots combined with some various striking tools and a Warrior Spirit and maybe we can retake the plane.

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    Retaking the plane before the F-18's blow you out of the sky is the important part.
    Perhaps carrying some bandages wouldn't be a bad idea, or maybe just a roll of duct tape to patch up cuts from a boxcutter until you land and can get stitches, if necessary. Any idea if that's allowed?
    Not to mention that a roll of tape would make a handy expedient device for certain physical activities, it'd be something at least, maybe loop a sock or two around it to use as handles for a flail.

    I've not flown in about 10 years, mostly because I have no real reason to. I do know at some point the lady in my life wants to go someplace, and I also know before I do I'll be perusing this list for ideas, plus doing the whole "checking the pistol" thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vinnie
    funny, this morning I see this guy wearing pink plastic clogs, (I don't remember what they are called). I told my wife this was the typical pickle boy that Ashland is full of, that this guy was useless. She says how come the shoes bother you, I retored, "they have no tactical value"..

    nothing like a good pair of boots when you have a need to stick them up haji's ass.
    I believe what he had were Crocs. They are great house shoes (very comfortable) but I don't like being out in them much. I don't necessarily think of the kicking aspect of my footwear but the movement aspect of it. Could a football player comfortably run his obstacle course in them? I don't want to go down because my foot slipped *inside* my footwear or the designated foot protector came off unbidden and at a horribly unopportune time. (I lost a wrestling match in HS because my shoes were about two sizes too big and thats bad enough for me. I don't want to get beat up, stabbed, or dead for a similar stupid reason.) Its the same reason I stopped wearing my crocs on watch (bridge watch on an offshore tug). When we are rolling around I don't want to be slipping around in or completely out of my footwear.

    I usually carry a piece of 550 cord in my back pocket, about 3 or 4 feet long with the ends melted. A big knot tied in one end and a bowline tied in the other (a type of loop). Makes a good garrote or emergency hand-tying device.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LordPhoenix

    I usually carry a piece of 550 cord in my back pocket, about 3 or 4 feet long with the ends melted. A big knot tied in one end and a bowline tied in the other (a type of loop). Makes a good garrote or emergency hand-tying device.
    I don't see myself doing much hand-tying in the event of a hijacking. An unruly passenger maybe, but not a hijacking.

    If I can tied his hands with cord, I can choke him out with it faster. If I don't have cord, stomping the neck and spine should well suffice.

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    Who said hijackers were the only scenario? It is useful for many various purposes, which is why I like it. Also, if you have the 550 cord and a carabiner or two it would take less than 30 seconds for me to hook carabiners to the cord and have a decent weapon. (Though I usually wear a good belt, either my spec ops better bdu belt or my blackhawk rigger belt.)

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    This does not need a response and all questions are rhetorical.

    Curious to know how many folks here actually train with the type of weapons they're talking about. Sure, its cool to think you can articulate a weighted, flexible weapon, but are you actually working with it on a regular basis to ensure you can deploy it effectively when the time comes? If so, great. If not, why not? Flexible weapons are tricky to manipulate without whacking yourself in the head or leg. Better understand how it moves before you actually need to make it move!

    Non-flexible weapons are certainly more straight-forward than flexible weapons, but are you training with them regularly?

    In both cases, I'd recommend actually HITTING something in your training. Its a very different feeling when you actually have your weapon bounce off something or stop suddenly on impact vs. swinging it around hitting the air.

    I'm no expert in any of this, but I do know all the prep work is worthless if you don't have experience USING what you've prepared. If you don't, those who HAVE prepared will simply take it from you and use it against you.

    Be safe,
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    This past Sunday night's episode (10/05/2008) of "The Unit" showed improvised weapons pretty well.

    Three members of the team were on an airliner that was hijacked. They used seatbelts and buckles, a can of soda in a towel, a broken CD, etc., to overcome the hijackers and take their weapons. Fictional, sure, but some good ideas brought into play.

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