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    The NYC metro area airports sell these cool 2 1/2 foot long replicas of the empire state building with a REALLY pointy antenna end....
    but then they take your nail clippers

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    It looks a lot like a "Texan" dyed brown. If I was going to carry one, I'd make sure I had a receipt and a brochure showing it as a "Bookstop/Bookweight".
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    One thing to keep in mind for air travel is the accessibility of your "tools" during an encounter (terrorist, bomb threat, etc.). In conversation wih a couple of FAMs at a recent class they discussed how the overhead racks become difficult to access as a result of passenger chaos. Best to keep your gear at your feet and packed for rapid deployment.
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    Check out Kelly Worden's DTL Kirambit. I recently flew to Vegas and back with one in the pocket of my cargo pants.:D

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    Quote Originally Posted by vinnie
    funny, this morning I see this guy wearing pink plastic clogs, (I don't remember what they are called). I told my wife this was the typical pickle boy that Ashland is full of, that this guy was useless. She says how come the shoes bother you, I retored, "they have no tactical value"..

    nothing like a good pair of boots when you have a need to stick them up haji's ass.
    I'm in love with my Gall's sidezip safety toes- they lace up in the normal fashion plus they have the handy dandy side zip for rapid on/off.
    Just before Christmas, the S/O and I were flying and I chose them-mostly because I can literally stand for days in them (at least that's what I told my hoplophobe other half...)
    IIRC they're curently on sale at Gall's website, for what I originally paid for them with my corporate discount
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    Hair brush the kind with the curved handle and pointed end I just heep it in my back pocket when walking, when I sit down it sets on top of my pack at my feet whith the beaners ect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bama
    Two carabiners held together with a stout line a couple feet long is important to those of us who might want to climb mountains when we get to the destination.
    your makeshift manriki-gusari can be worn through your belt loops if you measure it correctly.

    Gabe's old thread about Beltfighting comes to mind...

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    How about this for the carry on, a 1" or so hex bolt 6" long with 2 or 3 hex nuts on it, and then have a couple of wrenches in the bag with it. I'll also be sure and wear greasy work clothes and hat just to make things fun, with my nice and big Dale Earnhardt belt buckle.

    I'm flying to Florida on Saturday and was thinking about things to stash in my carry on, and since I work for a machine builder, I have access to that stuff for free, although a bolt and nuts would cost less than $10.


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    I carry this striking device daily. It has either drawn no attention or gone completely unnoticed in several "secure" envioronments, including several European airports and the Vatican. If challenged as to the nature of the item, I was counselled to reply, "It's a computer wrench". ST Action Pro makes this "Talon" , as well as "dummy" rounds.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabe Suarez
    4). Nice rugged hard boots that lace up and are good for stomping the excrement out of someone. Steel toes are even better.

    Yes, grasshopper, you will need to take them off so the TSA people will not be upset. That is a small inconvenience when you consider how well a send off they will give hadji on his way to unconsciuosness.
    Buy composite toed boots. We go through detectors everyday. We HAVE to wear composite toed boots to prevent the delay from taking off our boots every time. ;)

    edit to add:

    Bates Enforcers has a nice 6" pair with side zippers for easy on and off.

    edited again to add:

    The ultra light 5" has a SHIPPING weight of 3.5lbs. I'm sure my pair weighs less than 3lbs.
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