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    I always fly with my Wilderness belt. I also have a steel bodied pen on me. I always ask for a blanket and a can of soda, unopened, for later.:D
    Sorry, yet another story, and thread revival. I second what Jack's soda can is able to do. But, I'm greedy for a prepared option too. One you can walk along swinging in the street, no questions asked. Or, if I can't my wife or daughter can.

    I was the Medic once, at a Hispanic rodeo in SOCAL. One gang from the stands went after the other. The arena in front of me was transformed into the Roman Colosseum. Immediately in front of me one guy sunk a full soda can edge into this guy's base of skull. He instantly went limp, and collapsed like a demolished high rise.

    I was told by my streetwise Hispanic partner to just watch his back while he went to work on Mr snoring turning agonal respirations. Another ALS unit took him off, and he probably didn't make it, long term at least.

    As to deadly stuff, Nalgene were making a lexan bottle with a crossways hole in the lid. I have wanted a two foot length of very thick rope, with big knots at each end, passing through that hole. You can't board with that much liquid but you can add it.

    Has anyone tried to destroy a full litre Nalgene? You should try. It took four swings of a long handle Erstwing axe, just to achieve a slight leak. Throwing it repeatedly in the street eventually made the wimpy regular top pop off. Swinging with doubled rope or longer single length of rope, would be deadly.

    This is the lid I'm talking about, on a 750ml thin wall bottle, that looks innocuous. Now, if you could just switch caps with a second pink heavy-wall litre Nalgene.

    And, so help me Fairy-Godmother, if the rope on this innocuous one could be girlie purple.

    You might think this is rolling too heavy, with such contraption. I found out what rolling too light can get you. Or, more exactly, I am rudely reminded every now and again. I hit a hardest type of man behind the ear with a 3/4 length broomstick once, in mid sprint. Blood everywhere, and made him woosie. Trust me, you want more than that out of your impact weapon.
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