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    Talking If AK Malfunctions

    Another aspect discussed at Kalashnikov - Prescott was the issue of malfunctions and their clearance. This could be due to any reason from empty gun to a malfunction.

    At CRG distances, a pistol transition will beat ANY TYPE OF ATTEMPTED FIX OR RELOAD. Outside of pistol distances, you will probably NOT be on your feet, but on the deck or behind cover. Thus all "Clearances" will begin there.

    Moreover, WRT the AK, if the rifle stops, it is much more likely due to running out of ammo than any stoppage. Thus outside of CRG envelope, if the rifle stops, reload it. This will solve Failure To Fire, Failure To Eject, and Empty Rifle. It will not solve a Failure To Extract (AKA Type 3). But a simple Unload-Reload will fix that. Talk about minimalist and simple!

    Invariably guys will point out bolt hold-opens and all the other niceties of "more ergonomic rifles", but I will point out that with these "other" rifles, the likelihood of an actual malfunction is of much higher possibility, and you cannot assume that you only need to reload.

    The things you can do on a safe range are one thing. If I was downrange letting loose a burst of 30 rounds at you while you evaluated and fixed your rifle would make these maneuvers much more difficult.

    What could be simpler?

    Rifle stops?
    Rifle still not functional?
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    I thought the punchline would be "Club them like a baby seal" but your method has merit too...:D
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    I will remember that if the monsterous creature is within clubbing range, it is a tight situation, and start clubbing. This is true even if my firearm still works. No reason not to club and shoot at the same time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by G30Jack
    I thought the punchline would be "Club them like a baby seal" but your method has merit too...:D
    I was thinking, "Skewer them with a fixed bayonet!" :D


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    Or as Sonny showed us during the first AK Class in June, throw it at them and as they attempt to catch it - nail them! Knife/pistol/fist/elbow - whatever is available.
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    Miles Guest
    We figured remove magazine, look in mag, if mag had no rounds put new one in, if mag had rounds then you had a stoppage and fixed it from there.

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    Obviously the military taught us malfunction drills. We practised them.
    Whilst it would be desirable to count our rounds, the reality is obviously difficult.
    But what isn't difficult is to know MORE or LESS how many rounds you have fired.
    With our FALs we had 20.
    Now, if you have just started firing and your rifle stops, it is pretty damn obvious that you have a malfunction.
    If you have been shooting off rounds for some time, a 'click' ( UK L1A1 FALs didn't have bolt hold open devices - no problem for me,) would probably mean an empty mag'.

    We adopted the following in reality:
    Shooting.......several rounds, click, MALFUNCTION ! ( VERY rare with a FAL.)
    Shooting, shooting,, - remove magazine, place fresh mag' in place, rack the action and continue firing.
    If one has shot a 'fair' quantity of rounds and there is a 'lull', reload anyway with a fresh mag', and just pull back slightly on the bolt to check that there IS a round in the chamber. It could happen that one removes an empty mag' without realising it, and the chamber is empty also, but by coincidense one hadn't squeezed the hammer down on that empty.

    In a defensive position, firing a lot, I remember clearly just shooting untill a 'click' and then removed the empty mag', and replaced it with a fresh one. Cocked the action and got back to shooting.

    These comments might not please some people. But I knew my rifle ! I knew my FAL in the Falklands etc.
    I am also not big on having bolt hold open devices. IMHO, it leads to too much dependence on mechanical devices, rather than mindset and the ability to realise the amount ( large or small ) of rounds fired.
    Hold open devices can break. A little piece of steel can mess up a rifle big time.
    My FAL never had the device, neither my MP5, neither my AK in Iraq, neither the Sterling SMG, Bren LMG or MAG 58 GPMG.
    Hold open devices on long weapons seem to be originally an American idea perhaps ?

    Incoming ?
    Fire away. ;)

    Edited to add:
    By hold open device, I mean - with the last round. Obviously the MP5 & FAL bolts can be manually locked back.
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    Miles Guest
    Just to clarify, Anthony you would have had an L1A1 SLR which is the British and Commonwealth inch version of the FAL and did not have bolt hold opens. To my knowledge all the metric ie European FALs had hold open devices.

    BTW I prefer the Commonwealth inch version of the FAL too.

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    That is correct Miles.
    Not only did I use them in the service, I bought my own. It was possible back then. - Prohibited in 1988.
    I also carried an AR in Northern Ireland on one tour FWIW. - Not very common BTW.

    I remember the malfuntion drills for the L1A1 very well if anybody is interested ?
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    :D "Rifles firing, rifle stops..."
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    Al Lipscomb Guest
    Was it not a common practice at one time for the Soviets (or maybe Chinese) to load a tracer as the last round out of a magazine to indicate empty?

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