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    Default School me on 10mm platforms

    Packing the wife up and moving out of the Democratic republic of colorado, to rural freedom soaked Wyoming. 50 acre parcel of land. Some inhabitants are Black bear, mountain lion, deer, elk, antelope, moose, coyote, bobcat, badgers, muskrats, lesser occurring wolves but they are there and have been sighted on trail cams by outfitters. Wolves donít worry me itís more about the 3-4 cats prowling together or the methed out felon out on a trail wanting not to be found. No grizzly, but Iím more apt than ever to go to add a 10mm to the battery as a 4 wheeler gun for the aforementioned critters along with increased distances this country offers I am not a revolver guy, I donít shoot them well or have any training with them, but alot on a semi. I have several good 9mms, and one .40 Iím very fond of (gasp.) I have no real world feedback on the various 10mm platforms and I suspect not many people shoot them enough to know which one really works. Every one I put my thumb on seems to have some downsides. Iím hoping you SMEs can point me in the right direction for a serviceable 10mm so far Iím looking at these.

    G20/G40 - Have been around a long time. I know nothing of their track record I know the G21s had some parts breakage issues. G40 is cut for a dot but I worry itís too big for practical use much like a USP45 tactical I had that grew dust bunnies. I would opt this route however if it is the most reliable but donít know if they are.

    M&P10mm- Iím very fond of the platform but I have read nothing but many documented feeding issues with these. Some say itís fixed. Some say buy the gun and new mag Springs. Does not inspire confidence but I like the envelope the most.

    XDm 10mm- They fit my hand well and hold a lot of ammo. Not sure of reliability and the Croatian made thing along w Springfield qc releasing whatever these days worries me. Again if itís reliable Iím down. Price point is good.

    Sig P320/220- very fond of the 220. I have heard the X10 P320 job also had feeding issues

    What am I missing? 1911s donít seem to fit the intended use of a pistol that will be used in an inhospitable environment and Iím not a gunsmith. So thanks in advance for letting me know if yíall had to run a 10 which platform you might choose.

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    I used to bow hunt feral hogs on the ground when I lived in TX- spot 'n stalk hunting. One night I attempted to finish off a sow my buddy had stuck a little too far back. I bounced a 9mm off her skull from 3' away and watched w/ mouth agape as she jumped up, spun around and tore off thru the brush. Granted, it was a frontal shot btwn the eyes because that was the only shot I had, but still...

    Walked in to the LGS the next day and bought a G20. Those 10mm never bounced, FWIW...
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    Big fan of 10mm and have shot many of the manufacturers. Have an original Glock 20 that has been reliable and rugged, but FAT in the hand due to the plastic mags. Bought a 6" barrel for it to maximize velocities.

    In the 1911 platform, the Springfield Ronin is accurate and under a grand.

    Love the new SIG 320 X Ten and it is slim (same size as the 9mm overall) and takes a dot with ease and no plates. I have had no feeding issues with 180 Grain 10mm and it also feeds 40 S &W perfectly (which is nice for training ammo since everybody passed the caliber by a few years ago). It is my current favorite.

    I wish the XDM-E had a longer barrel- if it was a 5", it would be more appealing to me as the 10mm likes some running room.

    Found an EAA Witness in 10mm at a bargain price so had to have that- it is essentially a CZ75 in centimeter caliber or a poor man's Bren Ten. Reliable and rugged, it is a BEAST with all metal everything to tame recoil.

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    My experience is limited to the G20, G29 and Colt Delta.

    Sold my G29 and bought another G20 'cause I didn't like being rapped sharply on the knuckle of my index finger. No such problem with my 20s, which have been reliable and accurate. The Delta is too much weight for the payload and yet a little too fragile.

    The 220 would interest me if it were a 10mm 227 with an aluminum frame, if that makes sense.

    P.S.: Accuracy is a relative thing. Folks here are aware I can't hit a darned thing with a G20 at 600 yards.
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    G20 is the easy and obvious choice IMO. Rugged, dependable, and designed from the start for the 10mm. (Unlike most other 10mm pistols, the large frame Glocks were designed for 10mm first, then modified to work with the 45 ACP. Almost everything else out there went the other way around - designed for the 45 then modified to work with 10mm.) I don't shoot as much 10mm as I used to, but have put a LOT of rounds through the G20 platform and trust it every bit as much as the small frame 9mm Glocks.

    You mentioned a "four wheeler gun" - that description may come with different carry options than a CCW gun, opening up room for the G40. If so, the G40 is the better choice. The heavier slide tames hot 10mm better, and the longer barrel takes advantage of some horsepower the shorter G20 leaves untapped. To be clear though - it's the same gun, just with a little longer slide. I can't comfortably carry one AIWB, but some guys can. A shoulder or chest holster would probably be my choice for a four wheeler gun.

    With either model, don't be afraid to install a quality (like KKM) threaded barrel and a good brake; the 10mm can really benefit from it with the heavier loads.

    In my experience, the 1911 platform has the next best potential to properly handle the 10mm, but to do it right you really need to be intimately familiar with tuning the 1911 platform for heavy loads. (A heavy recoil spring is not the right answer, even if it is the most common.)

    One other thought - during your search for a 10mm pistol, keep in mind the difference between full power 10mm (i.e. 600-800+ ft-lb energy) and "FBI loads" or "10mm lite" (i.e. 250-400 ft-lb energy), and these two facts:
    - for a lot of years, almost all commercial 10mm ammo was the 10mm lite stuff, basically just 40 S&W in a longer case. Full power stuff was either handloads or boutique shops like Buffalo Bore.
    - because of the ammo situation, most 10mm pistols were developed to work with the lighter ammo. Even the newer XD 10mm for example: all of the earliest released official tests of that gun were with lighter ammo, as if Springfield was focused on just capturing some of the 10mm market share but didn't know or care that we were shifting back to heavy 10mm loads becoming more commonplace.

    The result are some pistols that are fine with the 40 S&W equivalent loads, but just don't handle full power 10mm all that well. If you try a 10mm with hot loads and are seeing brass land 20-30 feet away, this is why, and it's an indication that it may not be as reliable as you'd want with the full power stuff that you'd want to use against things with teeth and claws.
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    Living in MT, I got this question a lot when I was behind the gun counter. Short answer: if you have a 9mm you shoot well, get some Buffalo Bore 9mm. They have a couple options. Many shots on target are better than a couple peripheral shots.

    However, most people just wanted to BUY another handgun in 10mm.

    Given your choices, I'd just stay with the USP tactical and stuff it full of Buffalo Bore 255 gr 45 Supers. I do live in Griz country or else I'd just pack my P226 stoked with hot 9mm.
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    I shoot 10mm and have for about 20 years. Mostly reloads. Currently have 2 Springfield Omegas 5" & 6", S&W 1006, Colt Delta Elite 5" and a S&W 610 4".

    If you want to shoot the heavy loads the 610 is a great choice but limited in round count and simple reloads although it does run on moon clips. It will take any of the hot commercial loadings. If you want a revolver there's no good reason to not carry a 44mag.

    The 1006 was built as a 10mm but long enough out of production that there's no support for them other than the likes of Novaks. It is a solid gun.

    I don't think I'd suggest the Delta although it is a favorite of mine. I don't believe that it's up to a steady diet of the hot ammo but it will handle it. As has been suggested some tuning is in order for the heavy loadings.

    As has been indicated most of the current commercial 10mm loadings are not really taking advantage of what the 10mm can be and not up to the task of big critters. Reloading solves most of these issues.

    So, with that my suggestion is the Glock 20. It will take the abuse, accurate enough, holds sufficient rounds and will perform when called upon. Stuff it full of heavy Underwood or Buffalo Bore solids for penetration.


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    Have had half a dozen 10mm's, including the G20 and 1911.

    Get a fully supported barrel, I had a couple of bad cases, and had case head failures. In a .45 it is/was bad, but at 10mm pressures its really bad.
    The 20 is close to the best size, power and capacity combination. Personally the Smith 10xx series was the best feeling and shooting, but the weight to capacity ratio is terrible.

    A 2011 in 10 is a great thing, but you can get 5 G20's for the price of a good one.

    I got out of the 10 when we moved to Wyoming, decided to stick with the .45 instead, being invested even heavier in the .45 over the years. Had I not liked the larger hole cut in paper, I could have easily stuck with the smaller bullet. And have gone back to the .400" bullet in .40 form for EDC, because it appendix carries easier than a 1911, and holds more BB's. Because of the critters, I just can't drop to the 9mm, having shot too many over the years and finding out my minimum.

    Welcome to Wyoming, it's a pleasant change from Colorado, we escaped in '13.

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    I really want to build a 6” 1911 in 10mm….

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    Try and find an AMT/IAI Javelina, it's 7" and once you get done with the custom smithing, you would not believe it. Let that one go in the early 90's, big mistake.

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