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    Default Randy Harris 2022 GA State IDPA Champion in Backup Gun !


    Some of you may have read the thread earlier this year where I won the IDPA TN State Championship in Backup Gun ( ). On the last weekend of October I followed that up by winning the IDPA Georgia State Championship in the Backup Gun Division. Just a few more states to go and I can make a claim for "King of the Confederacy" .....

    I sponsored and shot in the 2022 Georgia State IDPA Championship Oct 28-30 Dawsonville Georgia at Riverbend Gun Club. I competed in the Backup Gun Division with my 25 year old "box stock" Glock 26 with now very dim Trijicon Night sights drawn from an IWB holster under a polo shirt. No vest, just the polo shirt like I wear in everyday life. I shot the match on Friday the 28th with the workers and other sponsors and went back down there on Sunday to pick up my banner and a couple of awards. That's me in the black and gray jacket accepting my awards (1st Place Master BUG and 1st Place BUG Division) from match director Ed Moser. If you have Facebook you can see video of all the stages and a few pics here...

    On stage 3 (out of 12) I suffered a torn calf muscle. I felt it 'pop" as I was sprinting into the final shooting position on that stage. I'm pretty sure it was due to the "less than ideal surface conditions" of the ground - think dirt like talcum powder that kind of "gave" when you stepped on it. But no one is going to just give you a state championship for getting injured so you just have to keep fighting.... so I did. I stayed on my feet all day and kept stretching as much as possible to keep it "warm " and keep it from tightening up on me. On the next to last stage it actually did lock up on me right as I got into the last shooting position. Fortunately for me the final stage required no movement.

    I ended up 19 total points down for the match which was just a little over 1.5 points per stage. It would later turn out that the 2nd place guy was down 40 points. So I felt pretty good about my chances of winning while I drove home to Chattanooga even if my calf didn't feel good at all. On Saturday I went to the walk in clinic and they gave me a shot to help cut the swelling (my calf had ballooned up and felt like a cannon ball) and they told me to just keep it iced and wrapped until you see the orthopedic doc on Monday. So on Sunday the wife and I rolled back to Dawsonville (about 2.5 hours - she drove) to pick up my sign (I sponsored a stage) and hopefully some plaques or trophies. By the time we arrived the match was winding down and the scores were announced. I had felt pretty good about my performance on Friday and apparently no one was able to outshoot me on Saturday or Sunday (the match had so many people in it they ran it for 3 days instead of the normal 2).

    So now I'm the 2022 IDPA State Champion for both Tennessee AND Georgia. Now to finish up with rehabbing the calf and getting back to full mobility....
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    Gotta fight through the pain to get the job done, and it hurts just as much to do nothing.
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    Congratulations. A job well done.

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    Congratulations, Randy!

    You DA MAN!!!

    Have a safe and (relatively) painless Thanksgiving...
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    Tell the truth, You damaged your drumstick auditioning for the Rockettes....

    Jesting aside, that was a tremendous feat! So....

    When is the Alabama IDPA State Championship???
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    Excellent, thank you for sharing.
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    Congratulations Randy!

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    Congratulations Randy
    Many are able, few are willing .

    Dirty is exactly why you are here.

    Be ready and willing for the unthinkable.


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    Way to go Cruel hand.
    I am in a sunny place full of shady people

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    Congratulations Randy!

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