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    even on some internal parts it wouldnt be bad, but here's the skinny. they have a barrel bushing that is press fit into the slide. the barrels are individually fit to the slide locking lugs, like a 1911, and the press fit bushing. now add to it that these guns are fit so well out of the box that when we're sending the finished product out to you guys, they are not oiled because the rails are precision fit and lapped. should you oil them? yes, absolutely, but are located in a perpetual dust ball
    That makes a lot of sense of the fitting and why NP3 wasn't offered. I kinda wondered, when I bought mine, but assumed there was a good reason. Thanks for the explanation of the fitting. Interesting stuff on its own, and helps explain why after 100 rounds or so and probably four times the dry work, the slide runs smooth as butter in its rails. A little oil, and it's fabulous.

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    Thank you, gentlemen.

    My previous experience with CZ finishes has been entirely positive but I’ve never put one through nearly the abuse I have Glock nitro finishes.

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