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    Default Tell me about your time piece?

    I’m a fan of hard use “tool” watches. The two that get the most use are my Dad’s Rolex (which I had repaired by Rolex after he passed) and an older Deep Blue 1,000m dive watch based on a Seiko Automatic movement. (I prefer mechanical watches.) Gabe, I’ve seen quite a few photos with you rocking a newer Submariner. What is this watch?

    If you are also a watch nerd, sing out!


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    This is a Luminox Pointman. A gift from my Italian Connection. Got a couple of them. Also an Omega 300m Chrono and a Rolex Two Tone Sub
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    I don't think I'm a watch nerd, but, in order of use:

    Ares Diver-1 Day (90+% of the time)
    Garmin Instinct
    Casio Rangeman 9400
    Tag Hauer Aquaracer
    Bulova Gold Tuxedo
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    Sadly, watches are something I never got big into. Mostly been a Timex or Seiko guy, nothing special.

    Latest one has just been another cheap Timex that has served me well for the last 5 years or so since my last Seiko automatic crapped out.

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    Never been a watch wearer, don't even like long sleeve shirt's. Need to rethink a watch. Only one I currently have is a pocket watch that doesn't run that was my grandfather's.
    I do like the plain and simple design.
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    I hadn't worn a wrist watch (in many years) until just a year or so
    ago, because I worked at a job where I was having
    to take my watch off constantly. That was 20 years
    ago. I found fob watches & was good to go. But a
    few months ago I ran across a G-Shock at a resale
    shop for cheap enough to try it. Well, I am hooked
    again. It needed a battery & the hands needed to
    be reset. Amazing features buried in the digital
    side, but as a basic watch, it's been fun.

    I don't feel the urgent need to go out and buy
    another one, but I could readily see me buying
    a bunch and stacking them deep. They have
    an amazing array of variations.

    Edit to add: Microtech OTF's are my weakness
    right now. I bought a used Black D/E Ultratech
    a couple of weeks ago, and a Green D/E Serrated
    Dirac Sunday. With Microtech in my AO, we have
    lots well supplied dealers here.

    (I didn't want to derail this thread, and I can't
    find the last Microtech thread.)

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    Somewhere in the house, I have an original G Shock - like 1980’s. It was the watch I wore in the service. I tossed it under a rolling deuce-and-half once to prove how tough it was. (E1s are obviously easily amused…). Tough watches.

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    Digital watches have served me well in the pool and on decompression stops. The digital stopwatch readout is helpful, but not stylish.

    The Luminox brand have always been intriguing to my eye. I regret not getting one long ago.

    As the years pass, my focus is less on counting seconds. For that, I can use my dad's old school stopwatch from swim team days.

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    Watches are one of my faults, enjoy collecting and having multiple watches available, I could wear a new watch every week of the year, almost, need 2 more to make that a reality. Everything from Patek grand complication to $150 fitbit. A "hard use watch", that would be a stainless Rolex submariner.

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    Currently a Omega Professional Speedmaster. Have had a SS Datejust and a SS/18k Daytona. Both have been gifted to our son. SS Ladies Datejust for wife then gifted to our Daughter. SS/18k Ladies Yachtmaster for the wife now.



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