Is that a ‘73?

My FAVORITE “old Vette.” Turned-up ass and Chrome rear bumper, but with the sleek poly front.

The white and tan is so sexy and classy!

And the Cobra KICKS ASS!!! My other “most favorite” old Ford.

That is one helluva stable.

Well done, Sir. Well done.

I tried to buy a light blue/white top/black interior ‘73 L-82 convertible from McJack’s several years ago. I was unsuccessful.

I ended up buying an every single option all-black ‘93 with 6 speed. Did elimination pipes, cold air, chip, etc. Really fun.

Had it for 3 years. Sold it and bought a ‘69 Cadillac DeVille Convertible; pale yellow, white interior, white top. 2 doors and as long as a Chevy Suburban. Daily drove and commuted in it. (I had just made Detective and was on SWAT, making more money than I could spend. And the 1st wife was making more than me!)

LOVED that car.

This is my daily. 2018 2SS. Special ordered with every performance option. Have since added the wheels and 285/315 tires,, a ported IM and TB, CAI, cat black exhaust and a mild tune…