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    Thumbs up AAR: Training with Brent Yamamoto and Ted Demosthenes

    Just had the privilege/opportunity to train with both Brent and Ted. This was my second time training with Brent and first with Ted.

    I was reminded of how capable SI instructors are. First with the shotgun.These two instructors understand the shotgun and can teach it extremely well. They were able to explain the important subtleties of how to move and shoot. Their sharp eyes and ears were able to find the faults in my movements, and help me correct them.

    WT should be familiar with the pistol-kata and the angles and movements therein. If not I think there's a video somewhere...Though if you get the chance to, these are topics that are best learned in person under sharp instructors.

    Extra points for Brent repeatedly demonstrating take-offs and foot work. I know it's physically taxing but it helps seeing the switchback in person. I'm of the opinion Brent needs a high-speed video camera for recording like the ones used by car insurance companies. He's that fast.

    Knife work was illuminating. Sucks to defend against but possible. Brent shows and explains the best methods for this. I really appreciate this aspect of SI instructors. They articulate the logic behind their material. Not "do this because the Colonel said so" but "doing it this way gives you better footing on uneven ground" etc. Explaining the "why" I believe helps the students better understand the material.

    As with all SI instructors and material, it's meant to keep you alive and kill the bad guy. Not in 10 years when you get your blackbelt and custom school gun, but right after class (provided the instructors aren't there to steal your kill).

    And I hear Brent and Marco have a PGF class soon.
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    There are instructors who know their subject, but cannot teach their subject.

    This is not true for the Suarez International instructors.

    Brent Yamamoto and Ted Demosthenes are able to engage their students and impart their wisdom in such a way that can leave their students more competent and confident in their skillset/mindset.

    This is not information that should be casually learned and later forgotten, but actively practiced and integrated in to the knowledge base of the every day.

    If you get the chance to train with them,

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    You got some damn fine instruction with those two... And Im jealous since I missed out! Hahha!
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