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    Back in my walking felony days I ordered mine from CopsPlus. But who knows what regs have popped up in the last 14 years.
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    Bought red and blue guns but never encountered the cert requirement. Out of curiosity: which vendors did you try?

    Some may be concerned with fake gun liability? Spray them black.
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    This whole thing (the vendor requirements, not the discussion) seems pretty stupid, considering there are lots of far more realistic looking toy pistols available from so many places.

    Besides, it's just an injection molded chunk of plastic, with maybe some cheap steel inside for weight. Seems like a business opportunity if they're that hard to get. And I'd think a couple very generic pistol and revolver designs would be adequate for the intended purpose without needing licensing rights from various gun makers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yondering View Post
    without needing licensing rights from various gun makers.
    The #1 seller would be Glock. And Glock is the most ‘enthusiastic’ enforcer of their trademark in history. If you made everything except Glock, you’d probably be fine.
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    For my intended purposes a generic pistol would not work. We are incorporating more weapons into our curriculum at the dojo. As such it has to be what we carry and how we carry.
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    I'd be happy at some point for sling demo purposes to have a M16A2 , doubt a MK-12 would be produced and maybe a generic bolt action sniper rifle.

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    Without knowing who the vendor is, the question can't be answered.

    There's a pretty large vendor in Scottsdale that facilitates governmental gun buy backs and equipment sales that are priced well below the typical retail market. As a courtesy, they extend their bulk order pricing to individual sales, but you have to have LEO or other qualified buyer credentials (Parole, Probation Judges etc.).
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    It could be the way they are labeled in the vendor's system.

    Amazon labeled couple models of Cold Steel's training guns are labeled "airguns" which makes them restricted to sell to people in certain states but other CS training guns are not. A person in Illinois could buy a CS Beretta but not a CS 1911 from Amazon.
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