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    Default .45 suppressor host

    My buddy asked me a gun question, and sadly I didn't know the right answer so I figured I'd try here with the tribe.

    Is a G21 a good suppressor host? Or, to make it more open ended, what is a good 45 suppressor host?

    Price isn't a major factor, but I don't think he is able to get a nighthawk or a MK23.

    He told me the can is a Lunar .45.

    I think he ought to put it on a 44 lever gun and run specials in it.

    Anyway, I think he wants a good pistol recommendation.

    Your thoughts would be appreciated.
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    The FN FNX-45 Tactical has all the bells and
    whistles, right out of the box.

    Suppressor height night sights, threaded
    barrel, red dot ready, ambi controls, 3 15
    round magazines, interchangeable back
    straps, etc. One of the nicest guns I have
    owned, but I never shot it suppressed.

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    For normal pistols, I'd agree with the FNX-45 pick. But just to throw something unexpected out there: Kriss Vector in .45 ACP.
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    I have a G30S. It's pretty good but you have to do all the work to make it right (sights, optic milling, etc.) But if one wants something a bit smaller profile than the FNX it's an option.

    A full size, gen 3 G21 is also a decent choice if one wanted to go the PDW route. (Meaning it could be switched back and forth between a pistol and PDW as needs dictate.) Though as I understand it's difficult to get pistol braces at the moment.
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