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I get it. As I've looked for ideas I found that about 99% of everything I read is just BS.

I've looked into everything from app development given my skill set to real estate to retail.

So far about the only thing I've determined is that retail is for the birds. Profits on almost anything that's being sold are frankly razor thin even with dealer discounts.

Amazon destroyed retail. If others can get what you sell elsewhere, they will spendcan hour to getca dime off the price

And based on that it also seems money is really in services or selling things you create. In other words, selling the things you know how to do and selling the things you know how to make.

Yes...but. I suggest reading Purple Cow. Look at the Glock market. We werecthe first withbred dots, slides, triggers, and just about everything else. Fact of history. Now everyone is doing it and making money on Glock is like trying to make money on ARs.

In business you always need to be moving, innovating, abandoning, and grasping and moving

Alternatively I believe real estate to be a good income source but it has a relatively high cost of entry and in the short experience I have with it can be as unprofitable as it can be profitable.

I have a rather pessimistic view of the stock market in general. I trust it about as much as I trust sleepy Joe.

Depends how you do it.

But then again I'm not well versed in these things by my own admittance. Perhaps I'm simply wrong on all of this.