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    These classes really add to the continuous development of the Warrior Spirit. Love it!
    "When one goes willingly into the darkness, all he will find there, is what he brought in with him".

    --Gabe Suarez, after the 7-11 shootout

    Proper development of the 'Warrior Spirit', training and physical conditioning before 'The Event' cannot be overstated.

    U.S. Army Rangers (1/75 'Old Scroll'), RS Class 5-78
    CRG; 0-5 Feet CRG; PSP Pistol; FOF Instructor School; Combat Pistol Instructor School, KWTLx4, Red Dot Pistol Gunfighting, RGF-1 Rifle Gunfighting

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    Dinner at The Palace...where gunfighters eat and drink in Prescott. With fam and my road dogs.
    Gabriel Suarez

    Turning Lambs into Lions Since 1995

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    Advancing on the terrorist with a staged mag.

    Brent Yamamoto
    Suarez International Tier 1 Staff Instructor

    Ready, willing, able. Bring it.

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    Pistol Groundfighting, Texas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent Yamamoto View Post
    Advancing on the terrorist with a staged mag.

    Now that is some old-school shit right there with a new application. We'll done boss, I haven't seen that in a while
    Greg "Hyena" Nichols
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    I had intended to make a supplemental AAR report earlier than this, however, after class my wife and I were on extended travels to experience the natural, historical and cultural wonders of the American Southwest.

    Each time I travel to Prescott, I find new reasons to like the area. We enjoyed Prescott for two days prior to class and are making plans for return trips. The terrain and air at 5,000 feet is so different, being we live at sea level, it is easy to understand why several on WT have moved here, or contemplate such. Besides the scenic views of Thumb Butte, Granite Mountain and the Granite Dells, we found several new things to enjoy. We stayed in a neighborhood just a short walk from the Courthouse Square and enjoyed a pleasant stroll around the square, as well as a nice dinner at the gunfighter pilgrimage, The Palace Saloon. For those who enjoy art of the American West, I highly recommend a visit to the Phippen Western Art Museum, up in the Dells. This museum has a large collection of paintings and sculptures, many of which are locally produced. The last time we were in town for a class, we found out about a local dinner place named The Dry Gulch Steakhouse. You have to look for it, but the food is good, and the place is populated by local characters. It made the perfect place for dinner after completing day 3 of a demanding class.

    The new SI shop provides more room for the SI team to perform their outstanding work. Josh and Paul greeted us warmly when we arrived unannounced, and happily assisted me with a troublesome pistol and showed me several examples of what they have been working on - the new and improved CZ pistols! I really like my Sig classic pistols, but “Holy Crap!” the P01 is so much better. I have one on order, and anticipating the improvements, I brought a P01 that I bought 4-5 years ago, for the guys to transform it from an item that does not get used, and into an excellent pistol that I will use regularly. Then, they showed me an SP01. That pistol is in another league! One day, I may be worthy to operate such a pistol.

    Regarding the Optics Pistol Class:

    The Cadre: I have experienced classes with each of these three instructors. I was not disappointed:

    Gabe Suarez is the powerful warrior and articulate instructor that I have been honored to learn untold number of lessons for many years, both in writing and in person. He not only provides instruction, he demonstrates both the How and the Why. When I follow his direction and advice, I become a better man.

    Brent Yamamoto is a superb teacher. His words are deep with meaning. It is truly a delight to watch Brent in motion.

    Ted Demosthenes, the quiet professional gentleman warrior. There is something about Ted, I suppose that the saying “Still waters run deep” fits. Throughout the class, he offered encouragement and assistance to each student so they could excel.

    This class was far from just an exercise in fundamentals of marksmanship. While we did plenty of precision shooting, we learned and drilled the physical activities needed to win the fight. Getting Off the X is a primary foundation of the Suarez system. We worked these drills hard after drilling the pistol kata, to engrain those movements into our training regimen.

    Several days after class was over, I was waiting in a check out line in a grocery store and a lesson from class occurred to me. A display rack was blocking any movement to my left and several people were behind me, so I recalled the Look Behind You kata. I performed the movement we practiced in class to get off my X, although not as dynamically as we did in class (didn’t want to alarm the Kroger shoppers) and moved off to the right.

    While most of our shooting was from standing position, sometimes life presents barriers and surprises. So, we experimented with alternate positions to get a solid shooting platform. Kneeling, double kneeling, seated-unsupported, seated-while leaning against a tree or other solid object and rollover prone.

    For many years, I have carried Glock 17 or 19, many equipped with RMR and they have served me well. Discussions here on WT regarding the utility and benefits of DA/SA pistols have drawn my attention and I am becoming a DA/SA fan. Therefore, I brought both Glock 17 and Sig P226 to class to put them to the test.

    After beginning this class with a G17, I was dissatisfied with my performance on the high precision drills we were working on. So at the first break, I switched to my Sig P226 with RMR and the smooth, crisp single-action helped me find the precision that I wanted on those small targets. During class, I never went back to the Glock, not because it is no good, but because I performed better with the DA/SA pistol. As the class progressed through the curriculum, the challenges increased. The focus on precision shooting at close distance was time well spent, as we successfully made repeated and solid hits at 25, 50 and 75 yards while standing upright. We experimented with various positions for stability. So that we would not be complacent with our performance, we were led to another challenge, target at 100 yards. Many classmates made first-round hits. Even though we were hot and tired after three intense days of training, most of the class took on the challenge at 150 yards. We all hit the steel silhouette, many guys did in in one shot. A perfect finishing touch.

    The fine trigger of the Sig gave me such confidence, that I have carried a P226 or P229 ever since. That may change! During a break in the class, I was able to try out a CZ P01 with the SI magic, versus my Sig P226. As I had a brief dry fire experience at the shop, live fire was even more impressive with the CZ. The best way to explain is the fire control of the CZ is more crisp and positive than my Sig. Knowing that the CZ that I had ordered from SI would be shipped to an FFL back home soon, I was excited and pleased that I was going to have my own CZ P01 with the SI magic touch. Also, I am really liking the green dot quite a bit better than the red.

    The Optics Equipped Pistol Class is not just an interesting experience, it is an essential part of your education if you carry a fighting pistol with an optics. The next time this class appears on the roster, find the time and treasure to invest in your education.

    You alone are to be feared. Who can stand before you when you are angry? From Heaven you pronounce your Judgement, and the land feared and was quiet when you, O God, rose up to Judge, to save all the afflicted of the land.

    Psalm 76:7-9

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