Been watching this on and off as I have time over the last couple of days. Tim Ferriss interviews Bas Rutten and they cover a WIDE variety of topics, from stories of the good ol' days of early MMA to mindset and techniques, to religion, to more. Bas is a great interview subject, and even though I usually find Ferriss' interviews to be lacking compared to his writing, this one is really good, since Ferriss was an actual fan and was living in Japan when he was young and when Bas' career started. He's able to talk intelligently about Bas' career and has some good questions that he's basically been dying to ask him for years. Really fun.

Definitely better on video than on audio only, since Bas is really animated and talks a lot with his hands, especially when describing techniques and fighting. There are some real gems in here on mindset and other topics, learned from years of real-world experience. Really recommend this one if you're a fighting or Rutten fan.