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    I prefer 9:00 mounting, no tape switch.
    Easy, on/off and switch doesn't accidently bump something lighting up the night like a tape switch can
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    Quote Originally Posted by ShopMonkey View Post
    They also have a section of pic rail that attaches to the bayonet lug. Great option for a light mount too.


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    Quote Originally Posted by M_P_E View Post
    Got a few uppers with fixed front sights and GI or Magpul carbine length handguards, and I'm trying to figure out what would be a good, robust way to mount a weaponlight on these guys. Any particular mounting systems that are recommended or disrecommended for setting up such a carbine setup?
    This can be as deep as the radio thread, if we're not careful.

    If the magpul handguards should have a line of M-Lok
    slots at 2:00 & 10:00. You could switch all the rifles
    over to that style handguard, to simplify you set ups.

    The easy button for those rifles is to add a small section
    of Pic rail & this. They make a left & right hand version.
    As a bonus, you can easily move this mount & it's light
    from rifle to rifle.

    I have some of my rifles set up with these, and some
    have higher end mounts, as well.


    The 6 o'clock position does seem to be the sweet spot,
    but typically is not a viable position. A light at that position
    gets beaten a lot when working with barricades & cover,
    and is more awkward to activate unless you're using a
    tape switch.

    This is just from my experience.
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    I set a friend's rifle up as described above. Magpul forend using the m-lock slots and a off set light mount. Not as robust as mounting to a aluminum hand guard but it's an option. Surefire now makes a scout light that works on m-lock slots. But I'd refer you back to Greg's input on lights as a scout light has a high lumen rating.
    I live outside the city, and have a rifle setup should I need to be outside at night as such it's a 1000 lumen scout light. It's not a appropriate light for indoors use. My bed some pistol has a older 180 lumen X300, it's about a perfect output.

    What ever light you run make sure it's made to withstand the the shock a weapon light is susceptible to.
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    Thank you, all, for the suggestions so far. That gives me some meat to chew on.

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