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    There's little doubt that Desantis is positioning himself to run for POTUS and while under Trump, with the support of both houses of congress, the U.S. saw relative peace and historic prosperity, Yet, I saw his presidency as doomed shortly after the 2016 election. I don't think Trump has learned from that experience. The biggest "political" failure was the failure to govern. In other words, to clean out the swamp. Trump didn't do this.

    Trump didn't have a loyal team of cabinet members and bureau chiefs lined up well ahead of the election.

    When someone's considering a run for POTUS, they have well in advance, a hypothetical list of cabinet members that have been vetted, are loyal and primed for the assignment. Those hypotheticals will in turn, put together their hypothetical and loyal management team. Trump didn't do this.

    Shortly after being elected, Trump nominated Rex Tillerson to one of the most important positions of government, Secretary of State. As the CEO of EXXON/Mobile Tillerson had ZERO experience in State Dept. affairs, knew nobody in the State Dept. and nobody in the diplomatic community. Did Tillerson clean out the swamp in the State Dept?, No, he inherited all of Obama's people and left them in their assignments. Is it any wonder that the Obama State Dept. now under Trump, had people like LtCol Vindman in the White House spying on him; we all know how that turned out. He and others like him should have been reassigned from day one and a loyal Trump team put in place. Failure to govern.

    Another example: In 2017 Trump fired FBI Director James Comey only to replace him with Andrew McCabe, a 2016 Obama appointee! Had he cleaned out all of the Obama appointees, I think his presidency would have been epic, but at that point, the writing was on the wall.

    IMHO. While I would vote for Trump in a heartbeat, he has his flaws and I don't see evidence that he has learned from the past; at the same time, I wouldn't be dismissive of Desantis. He has a very cohesive tight knit team that has zero leaks to the press.
    I might have elaborated but I didn’t intend to make this a political debate. I’m using the word in a way that appears to be an older definition now that I look it up online; I don’t intend to infer in any way he is incompetent, he appears to be quite the opposite. In on overly simplistic definition, stooge=doing the bidding of others. Long game vs. short game and we as a nation keep losing. Short term wins are nice for now though, as is optimism in this arena.

    I also agree that Trump was shockingly incompetent at the one thing great CEO’s are known for - choosing competent officers.

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    45 thought he could run the world on his personality. Can win an election on that, but that's it. Needed insiders and the bureaucracy.

    The Governor of Florida is trying to become the GOP nominee, but w/o facing the wrath of 45 and his supporters thereby assuring another Dem president.

    That's a tightrope.
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    Dont get me wrong, I like Trump and Desantis. I have NO idea why Trump would want to wade into that shit show a second time. Honestly , after the first time Id probably just stay home, make money, and bang my wife.

    Desantis is Trump lite…….not in a bad way. All the talking points half the tweets. There ARE times that you stand silent and let the enemy spit themselves on your spear. Desantis seems to do that better lately, though Trumps trolling of the jan 6 committee was epic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prestojo View Post
    Here I was thinking he was talking about a WT member who hasn't posted lately. LOL
    Me too. I never realized he is talking about the supreme cugino.

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