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    Quote Originally Posted by apamburn View Post
    I've been meaning to try the integrated comms in over the ear protection like that. I bet it would be really good. My biggest concern with those is that I sweat like a whore in church and I hate the thought of having some big nasty sweaty muffs on the sides of my head with sweat dripping down.

    A few other options to consider. One is just the basic big mic / speaker combo. I've used them professionally and they work well as long as you don't care about how loud you are. I prefer to have my radio on my right hip and bring the mic up over my left shoulder so that the cable goes across my back. I've seen some guys run the cable under their arm and when I've tried to do that it just ends up getting in the way too much. I suppose if you're kitted up you could route it somehow.

    Another is the earpiece. To be honest I prefer the idea of the earpiece but in execution it's always sucked. It usually takes about 30 minutes before I just can't stand the feeling of it in my ear anymore and I don't know why.

    That is, until I discovered surefire ear plugs. Surefire ear plugs have a port in them that allow you to plug them into the tube for an earpiece. They are quite comfortable and quite effective.

    I think when you add integrated ear protection to a helmet then really the choice becomes a lot more clear and if you're going to be wearing the earpro you might as well integrate it to comms.

    exactly, I use the surefires myself the same way. Daily use they last aboit 6 months before they lose flexability and will make your ear hurt. occassionally running canned air through them will keep the humidity and earwax creep out of the air tube too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by apamburn View Post
    I think a war belt that is intended to work with a chest rig or plate carrier is entirely different than a standalone war belt.

    War belt is just another name and take on the LBE that has existed since the m1956 LCE, m1967 MLCE, ALICE LC2 carriage systems, British PLCE system, USAF H Gear harness, etc.

    A dedicated belt rig distributes weight better disperses heat better, and carries better in rural or dismounted contexts.

    It also carries much more than a belt meant to be sometimes used in conjunction with a PC.

    So we need to make that distinction when on this topic.

    I think the lighter war belt concept as part of a PC system needs to be vehicle friendly and slim.

    For the rural patrolling option the USAF gen 2 H Gear kit is actually really nice imo.
    Found it, looks good. Iím looking at a couple of options still....
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