Things evolve and adapt based on the scenario and the dynamics of the conflict. I suggest studying the situations where you would don armor and bump hat.

1. Are you defending an embassy or a structure from hostiles outside...Fort Apache The Bronx type shit.
2. Are you traveling overland in weeds, woods, or sand, on foot to your target?
3. Are you driving to your target and deploying for a hit and run op in urban settings?
4. Are you a defacto QRF for a housing track or business park during a democrat race riot?

Determine the application...the real one...then what the strategy will be. For my world right now the most real applications will be #3 and #4. Strategy is a discourse on how you will accomplish your mission. The tactics will be developed to prosecute that strategy.

For the case of #3. Drive to the location, park at a tactically advantageous spot (could be driving through the front door...could be parking around the corner for stealth). Dismount with conviction. Breach the door. Move to expected contact with speed - eliminating any resistance. Secure that which needs securing, evac to the vehicles and leave.

How many magazines do I need for this realistically? Will I need a Kifaru ruck with food and shelter? Will I need a ninja turtle armor kit with epaulets and body bunker shield? Will multicam be better than ninja black?

For my purposes -

Black plate carrier with rifle plates. Four AR magazines, BOK, Two additional pistol mags on the carrier, identifier insignia (dont ask). I do have a dump pouch. While I am not as concerned for resupply in a short duration, high intensity event like this, I would prefer to not leave things behind that could be used for tracking after the fact. I add a small and light belt for a thigh rig holster and two additional mags. And a bump helmet to which I can add a PVS13 should the mission call for it.

I do have a set of black gloves, black neck gaiter and clear glasses.

This is a refined version of what I ran in the gang unit. If I was selling this I would call it the "Gang Unit Kit".