That setup just so happens to be what SI was selling back in 2014 when I bought it run at Doug Little's RFG3 class. Since then I have switched from the drop leg holster to belt mount for fast on/off capability. The med pouch is behind the dump pouch, although I have never added anything to it or the radio pouch, perhaps I should get off my a$$ and find a med kit for it. The belt is adjusted so its tight to my body and the suspenders really are not carrying any of the weight, but holds it at a good height while I buckle up. It worked out great for class with running around, jumping up and grabbing the rafters at the range to do pull-ups, walking around the forest in my neighborhood for some shooting expeditions, and a couple times at night when strange things were afoot. Also did try it out with a Maxpedition 25L bag (Falcon2) one time when setting up for some local disturbances. It was still a comfortable set up with the war belt on and back pack with 5 or 6 extra AR mags, an extra G19 for my wife, another handful of Glock mags, med kit, and a couple bottles of water.