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    Default 5.56 Zero Distance for Different Barrel Lengths

    Travelin's thread got me thinking... is the 36yd zero OUR preferred standard for all 5.56 barrel lengths btwn 10.5" and 16"? Is there a shorter or longer barrel length for which a different zero (25, 50, etc.) is optimal? Does it make a difference if the optic is 1x red dot vs. magnified (1x4, 3x9, etc.)?
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    I'm old school I guess, still zero irons/dots at 50, anything with magnification gets zero'd at 100.

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    We kinda shifted that thinking to 50 yards too.
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    I settled on 50 for all of my carbine-type guns. Precision, magnified optics get zeroed at 100y. At one time, I debated the merits of zeroing the shorties (<11") at 25 or 36, but ultimately decided that it is better to be consistent across platforms so that I know exactly how each gun is set up. I don't have to stop and wonder where I zeroed a gun, and what that will do at 125y. If they are all zeroed at 50, and I know that my 10" gun has less velocity, I can calculate that into my hold as "Kentucky elevation." Anything more complicated than that will be forgotten in a fight.
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    I use a 25m sight in. Only because that's what we used for years in the military after they went away from 200m.
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