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    Default Intrest level check. TASI

    Gabe and I have been spitballing this morning on doing a TASI style class with revised content for current national issues. I'm thinking a 3 day advanced level class that covers TASI and CQB content delivered by Gabe and myself here in AZ and now that I'm thinking about it I know a great location in AL that would be interesting.

    I'm sure we'll come up with a snappy new name that will have people clutching their pearls. If you've taken my 3 day TASI this will be different.

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    I will if I can, I’m always down for community outreach....
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    Prescott, AZ.

    Would be my 6th SI Class.

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    Unlikely in Prescott as we do not have the resourves for that. We would need either an actual shoothouse or a building we could use UTM/Sims

    And this would be a most gangster way of handling the problem. I dont even want to call it TASI. Maybe Ambushing and Anchor Shots...most likely Killing The Active shooter

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    I would go for this course, I could really use a tune-up.
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    That sounds like an amazing class.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Papa View Post
    House Cleaning 2.0.
    Dang but thatís a good one right there. Iíll be following this one.

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    I would try to travel for this one.
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    Give me a list of site requirements and I'm 80% I can sponsor it down here.

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