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    I am actually surprised so little has been discussed here on this. Maybe the focus has changed for some...who knows. Some see this guy and are glad they weren't there. When I saw this I thought, "Lucky bastard!". I hope most of you had the same reaction. There are lessons here...other than don't go shopping in Kenya or stay at upscale hotels in here we go.

    1). The SAS man had not only moral and operational imperative, but the authority to prosecute them. He was not "there on scene" but rather went to get his kit and then went to the event. The importance of this is that many will think they can "go get" their kit and then attack the bad guys. Not likely.

    You will most likely fight with what you have on you when the party starts. Make sure it is enough.

    2). His success was most likely a matter of deliberate action, tactics and timing. Many will imagine a John Wickish event with some fat sportsgunner whispering shooting suggestions into his comm. No.

    Think of how you would handle this yourself.

    Your tactics would move you with care and purpose to a contact point. You would devise a hasty target engagement plan, and then ambush them without a word before they can react. (In other words - murder them in the back while they are drinking their tea or reading a book, and send them on before they ever realized you killed them).

    3). Suggesting that only an SAS guy could pull this off is wrong. This was much more a matter of mindset and mission clarity than marksmanship. Years ago I coined the term, "Every man a counter-terrorist". I believe that is still true. Most westerners, and Americans particularly seem to be afraid to if they need permission from a higher power or authority. Fearing "legal trouble" more than death itself, they duck and cover and lock themselves down in safety. "Don't be a hero" is the war cry of homo-pacificus. Let that never be said of us.

    So...let's discuss this matter.
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    I would tend to agree. Deliberate action, tactics and timing won the day here. A fit warrior who knows CQB better than 99.9% of people on the planet, armed with proper weapons can absolutely lay fucking waste to hip shooting goons. I initially wondered if this guy was almost giddy when the opportunity presented itself, but my experience with SAS guys tells me his heart rate was no higher then if he was going to the store to get a six pack. Training instead of watch Khardashian marathons will do that for you.

    If you have a safe full of guns and you’ve never done any CQB training, you’re wrong.

    If only there was a place where people could get such training....

    On a side note that doesn’t bear much discussion, I was surprised his rifle didn’t have back up sights. Also, looking at that holster makes me believe that handgun had an RMR on it.
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    At a point things become redundant. What's to be said that hasn't already been said about all the other things that have happened? I agree that the SAS guy was indeed a very lucky guy to get to be there and have some fun. Another lucky guy it seems was the guy who was at the WestGate mall with the 1911 and shooters vest was here for this one too. That guy is double lucky and got to save people this time again.

    When I think of myself in these types of events I often wonder if its hubris to think that I would do very well. Contrasted with the fact I have put in the time, effort, pain and even blood into obtaining and training all the skill sets needed to dominate a given situation to the point that I am more skilled then the guys that get paid to do it. I have Gabe, Brent, Greg and many other SI instructors for renting the skill sets to me so I could take them home and own them. Its basically the classic interaction between the Id, Ego and SuperEgo lol.
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    I need to watch the news I guess......didnít know something happened. Was this today?

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    Agree on so many points. It doesn't take the SAS or SPECOPS or whatever. A great example of civilian intervention at a terror incident is Inayat Kassan, who seems to be a bullet magnet. ;) Like the SAS "hero," he went to the sound of gunfire not once, but twice.

    Mr. Kassan, it can be argued, may not be considered your average joe. I suspect that most members of this community are not your average joes.

    Still, never discount anyone from the scenario. One determined person can keep bad things from happening; and sometimes one person finds another and then another, until they become a force to be reckoned with. It's been said that on 9/11 a ragtag group of untrained patriots stopped "Tier One" radicals (with months of training and a support organization with funding and intel) from taking out the Pentagon. Much respect for the average citizen heroes of Flight 93.
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    Agreed. Gear in the car, is gear you wont have. There wont be time to get it, and if you were to choose and be able to go get it how many will die in your round trip. Gear you have with you, is the gear you will fight with, it wont be a rifle as much as we may wish, maybe a braced pistol but likely as much not. It will be a pistol (maybe pistols) and a few spare mags. That means your tactics will be dictated by what you carry. How many spare mags do you carry?

    Will you move to contact with the enemy or try to avoid contact and guide the sheep to safety? Will you find a position to "snipe" from concealment? Can you expect others are armed and thinking the same as you? How long before government (police/military) response--actual response not staging outside? How will responders view you/your actions? Do you attempt to notify the responders (call 911) that you are inside and armed?

    Are you a Warrior? THAT is the real question, until you can answer YES, nothing else really matters

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    Regarding the whole "you don't need to be SAS to do this"

    100% correct.

    I have a ton of repsect for everyone in the specops community but there are many civilians with no military training who are just as well trained as the average ranger or marsoc guy when it comes to skills that are applicable to civilian self defense.

    I remember reading a book written by a former SEAL who said (paraphrased) "The reason we can get so many kills is only partly because of how much training we get. A lot of it is because we have night vision, grenades, amour, and air support."

    Many people don't train as much as they should because they feel they could never get to a level where they could do what the SAS guy did. Its their delusion that holds them back.

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    A simple matter. I'd like buy the SAS mate a fine drink with a smile ambiguously trying to conceal the envy of not being the gentleman chosen to dispatch that enemy.

    Cheers to our SAS friend.

    Grit your teeth and hope to be blessed with the opportunity to be the next warrior in place, trained, and ready to smile in victory before your fallen enemies. Simple as that regardless of your background. Train for such an outcome. Nothing less.


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    Any word on the body count that SAS and Mr. Kassan racked up? I'm a bit behind in the news, going to look up more on this.

    Locals were very fortunate to have two willing, able, and skilled forces on their side.
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