Had some funny stuff happen at the mall today. I got a number of complements on my tactical kilt. My wife was decked out in 7" heels and latex and got lots of looks and comments, especially her heels and our daughter was wearing her fake elf ears. We seemed to be the center of attention everywhere lol. We caught the attention of all the goth girls too. One even said "Your family is awesome. I wish I was part of it!"

I always find it interesting watching people and seeing their reactions. Its a byproduct of giving everyone a once over and assessing them as a threat. I always catch peoples looks and see them make comments to whomever they are with. The best are when I see guys make comments and get a disapproving look and comment from the girl they are with. Its also funny when women make ugly faces.

Don't think that it takes away from ones status as a warrior either. There were a few guys who's eye I caught and they changed their body language knowing I wasn't someone to trifle with; the women showed arousal.