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Being the gray man must be done sometimes, but damn it feels good to be a gangster and teach what I know is the correct response with no apology given
Grayman is an operational disguise...it is not who you are. If one lives in a contested area and must don the Clark Kent outfit to move around in normal society in those areas and in those missions, that is understandable, but it hurts the soul to need to pretend to be other than who you are for a lifetime. I prefer Gangster over Grayman...it is who I am. And I enjoy and like who I am. There are those who do not and I can live my life just fine without them.

It is important to discuss, read, internalize and memorialize these points here on WT. I recall Sam Spade posting a training event from his agency "Can You Afford The Time To Handcuff Them". It is evident when your profile has read something and so it becomes a art of your "Prior Training And Experience"...those who know the implications of that know what I mean...the rest...start reading what you scanned.

Ambushes and Anchor Shots...a far better name than TASI