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    Not on your website, but they are available. I bought some and they work great in my P01, CZ 75 Compact CZ PCR, CZ P-01 15 RD 9mm CZ P-06 MGCZCOMP15AFC

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    I finally stacked up a 75 mag next to a Tac Sports mag. They aren’t even close. The TS mag is huge. Definitely not interchangeable.

    I also went ahead and bought some 75 mags, despite not yet having a gun that feeds from them. The 19+4 happy sticks from SI are wonderfully sized and balanced. Excellent fit and finish. Eventually I’ll get the gun.
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    I tried full size in a pcr, p-01, and compact. That’s all the was available and worked. I didn’t shoot them but locked up like they should, and slide locked.. That’s as far as I got with what was at the store, the dude was looking at me like I was retarded, but I did it anyways....
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