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    Default PA 3X Prism sight

    Wondering if anyone has experience with the newly released primary arms three power prism with the acss reticle. Or for that matter ,just information on fixed three power scopes for use on a general purpose rifle. Is it possible to shoot these prism sights like an acog with both eyes open at all distances? thanks in advance

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    I too am interested in folks' experience with the latest PA 3x Micro prism. The 10oz weight savings is almost half compared to previous gen. I do have the previous gen 3x PA scope with ACSS. The pic below taken 4th July, hitting out to 300 with ease. Daylight brightness isn't there. For upclose, the Bidon aiming concept works fine with the front cap closed and the illumination on with both eyes open worked well. At distance, both eyes on the 3X prism worked fine too. 300 yards is the max distance I have access to. I went to the range to zero the holosun RDS at the 12 o'clock at 50 yards and using this overall setup as an understudy. Still getting use to the chin weld for the RDS.

    3X PA_b.jpg

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    I played with a prototype/early model a while back at their warehouse. I also have their new 1x microprism. Glass was clear, build was solid, I was impressed. I'll pick one up for sure, I just don't know where it will sit yet.
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    A few years ago I picked up one of their prism scopes on a sale for a spare rifle and have been pleased so far. The ACSS reticle seems well thought out and easy to use.
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