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The heretic, obviously. Have traveled many times with it. I have taken to tossing it in the bin along with my laptop and it saves me a from getting pulled over. I HAVE been pulled over a lot, but “it’s a bottle opener” has worked every time.

Never traveled with a cane because I am not that motivated enough to do so.

Our first goal is to weaponize ourselves.
I love the Heretic. I’ve had the same experience: TSA pulls it out with a frown and accusingly asks, “What’s this?” I smile and say, “It’s a bottle opener.” They smile back and send me on my way. I’ve got the brass (which is heavier than I want) and the G10 (which I worry won’t last through years of use). I need to get one in aluminum.

I got a cane years ago, and carried it on exactly one flight. While it seemed like a good idea, I was way too self-conscious about it. I clearly don’t need a cane. Its true purpose was obvious. And it’s really not even the best weapon in a cramped area ( like an airplane).

And yes, we are the weapon.

Now I have to figure out how to weaponize a banana for Yondering.