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    Then use it. Try a cz, you might like the trigger pull in single action....
    Nothing says Fuck You like a shotgun.....

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    One of the cool things about the cz and trigger kit Josh is using is that it shortens the pull even more the factory while bringing double action to 6# and single to 3#. You might like it, and to the reasons you have stated above with arthritis you really make like it, plus the lower recoil of the cz will be a lot easier on your hands....
    Nothing says Fuck You like a shotgun.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by John W in SC View Post
    Chip McCormick makes a 10 round magazine in .45 for a 1911. I used them for several years when I shot a 1911 in IPSC L-10, before Single Stack was established and I went to 8 rounds. (I also have 10 round 1911 mags in 9mm that I used in IDPA ESP.)

    John W in SC

    I have a number of CMC 10-rounders for the 1911 Gov't that I never carry. But I prefer the 20-rounders in my 9mm 2011. P + CT.jpg
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    Default Is .45 ACP still relevant?

    One reason.45 stays relevant to me is the most recent example of ammo scarcity.

    I have a lot more of the components to make .45 than any other in my stable.

    I had been looking for another platform to use this cartridge, a friend had decided to put up one of his SIG up for sale. Killed two birds with one stone.

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