Dropped in to see some family and their little boy came out of the back yard with a big as squirt gun aimed right at me.

Instantly, I knew he wasn’t a threat, but my brain also knew I didn’t feel like getting wet. I instinctively went into (sloppy) diagonal lines kata and got out of the way right before his mom could yell at him to “put that away!”

Ive used pistol kata in force on force with good effect but I was always “ready” for it. This is truly a surprise that I was not prepared for so its nice to see that the training did indeed take over. Yes, it wasn’t an actual threat but still…

Kata works… train it!

Also thanks to Gabe and crew for putting the Kata out there. I’ve seen how other instructors and other companies teach “getting off the X” and truly almost none of them offer such refined techniques. Anyways, just wanted to throw this out there as a reminder for people to add in Kata with their dryfire.