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    Quote Originally Posted by jesselp View Post
    Lots of good ideas on this thread, but I like this one a lot. Looking into what's involved...
    lots of DIY cheats on youtube and elsewhere.

    A couple hours making a press mold (2x4 , closed cell foam, any insulator like a towel , and a couple of bungie cords ) heat gun for any final fitting you want to do, dremel for shaping.

    AND you learn something about materials, that will likely grow into magholders, spacers, and any number of other projects.

    I got hooked on camp buildouts using 80/20 extrusions ;)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redneck Zen View Post
    I don't know about you guys, but I still get moisture -- rain, sweat, blood -- on my gear, so kydex is not the be-all and end-all. As a big fan of synthetics -- kydex, cordura, et. al. -- I say leather doesn't completely suck, depending on the pistola you're carrying. Still, no matter which I use, any gun (or knife) that is vulnerable to corrosion gets a healthy slathering of some sort of protective coating before going out into the elements. Back in the day I'd use Raindance or Turtle car wax on my old 1911 Colts and j-frames. I used to carry a 10mm Colt Delta Elite in a leather Jackass rig when deer hunting and never got a spot of rust on that beautiful blued steel. I miss that gun but like a dumbass I let it go. <sigh>

    Anywho, nowadays it's Marine Tuff Cloth or Tuff-Glide, sometimes
    Obenaufs on my blades. Glocks, Cerakote and stainless have made me lazy, though.


    That's the one use I have for that Frog Lube crap. It causes a mess on guns eventually when used in the inner workings, but if you follow the directions on wiping down a heated (gently, not smoking hot) pistol or blade, then wipe off the excess, it works pretty well for rust prevention. Almost all my fixed blade carry knives are carbon steel, so this is what I use on them.

    Although for pistols, to be honest since I use CorrosionX to lube the guns, the outsides get a wipe of the same stuff and that works really well too, with the caveat that I lube my guns fairly regularly; you won't find one of mine running dry unless we're in the desert. For more severe environments BoeShield works well.

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    A few years ago I was looking for kydex for a revolver. Went to a small local gun show where there was a lady selling some that she made. Boom. Easy as that, had a local make what the internet wasn't offering. I had thought of doing it myself but she had a variety of clips, straps and other hardware choices so I wasn't farting around buying the wrong stuff.

    I bet if you ask around local gun shops etc you'll find someone glad to make exactly what you need.

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