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    Alaska had a strong Subaru culture. The all-wheel-drive system in the Subies lends itself well to Alaska winter driving. They aren't true off-road vehicles, though, no matter what they do on the rally circuit. They do manage to stick to the ground pretty well when conditions are icy. And they were so common in the 49th state that there were lots of small shop mechanics who had lots of experience working on them. The Audi AWD system may have worked well, but when it broke you were going to have a long wait and a big bill.

    If you lived up a windy mountain road in an area that got lots of rain, snow, or slippery conditions, then I would say the Subaru is a good practical choice. But it's still gay.
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    Not a recommendation for a specific vehicle but I find it informative and entertaining to watch online auction site. Frequently good trucks, Jeeps and suvs on sale there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunstore Commando View Post
    Why do people hate on Subarus so? ... I don't really care how many lesbian cpuples own one.
    That's it right there. In the 1990s Subaru made a decision to market to the "outdoor lesbian".

    That, and for a few years they looked a little distinctive/funny.

    I've had a 2004 Legacy Wagon since 2006. I've put almost 200k on it with no major engine or transmission work. I think the most expensive repair was replacing a catalytic converter that went bad. The "legacy" was one off their lower height vehicles, so it's seriously NOT for off road. We've taken it into the mountains to go skiing and it's done ok. Could use a little more power at elevation.

    But unless you're a rally driver, it's not a vehicle you can really Barbie up like a Jeep or some of the trucks.

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    Ran a GL hatchback for awhile. Nimble handling, responsive engine, roomy (I was 6'3" and 210ish at the time). Mileage in the 20s, nothing spectacular. Desperately needed about 10 more horses, but I wasn't willing to spring for a turbo.

    I lost it one Saturday morning in Seattle when a Canadian Volvo magically appeared in front of me--having run a light and turned into oncoming traffic first--and I T-boned the bastard, pushing its B-pillar in about six inches. The Subaru folded up just forward of the front axle, heavy things flew about inside, cracking my windshield, but I walked away from that crash, sort of.

    I thought of it as a sturdy little cow pony, and I still remember it with affection.
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    Put pretty much any combination of any 4 of us on WT and a full tank of gas in a Subaru and you will hit its payload capacity of roughly 1000lbs. Even more so if we throw our packs in... So there is that...
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    Besides the 3/4 ton pickup, I have a Subaru Forester and the wife an Outback. The Outbacks now are 4 cylinder with turbo and I got the last year they made the 6 cylinder in 2019. Turbos are trouble in the long run. We have had a couple Toyota 4wd Highlanders in the past and they are great cars. It's a toss up. As to the Subarus...Have you stalked any wild asparagus lately? (you younger guys won't get it).

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    It'd be hard to go wrong with a recent generation Tacoma or 4Runner but I have to say I'm partial to the latter. I've had a 1999 3rd gen and now a 2016 5th gen and they both have been extremely reliable when properly maintained. I've heard from Tacoma owners that miss the interior storage capacity. I know Tacoma's have their utility storage value as well. Overall the interior is slightly roomier for passengers in the 4runner. If you get a Trail (pre-2017) or TRD Offroad (post-2017) trim of the 5th gen, you can get things like the e-locker and other Offroad goodies without wasting $$$$ on the TRD pro. Extremely capable of the assembly line but if you're into "fine-tuning" things there is a plethora of aftermarket options in the way of lifts, armor/bumpers, performance upgrades, etc.

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    We just hit 1200 miles on a new 4runner and I started to stretch it out after a gentleish break in. It's running great and pulling hard. Not like a v8 but isn't a slouch by any means.

    Having run jeeps for over 400k the 4wd impressed me so far. I was moving it around at a camp we were at and backed down a gravel road that was STEEP, probably a good 30 degree slope to turn around. I slipped into 4high and gently started to roll back up. I could hear the computer working the traction and it didn't roll the first piece of gravel, it just climbed out. I'm interested to work it hard off-road and see what the girl will do.

    75mph on cruise it gets 22mpg, not good but acceptable for what it is.

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