I concur with LawDog.

#1 Buck. Gabe did a video a year or two ago
on that topic after a few of us mentioned our
affinity for it.

And rifle sights. I like the un-ambiguous sight
picture that they give me. That started out
years ago on my first 870's. They even work
for me when shooting recreational skeet.
I even have rifle sights on my Tac-14's as
back-ups for the RMR's. And they work
just fine at skeet, as well.

Just my simple minded .02.

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That'll do. For defense, you'll probably run IC all of the time, but it can be fun to play around with a Mod choke just to see the difference.

Sights are very much a personal preference. I really like rifle sights on a shotgun, but I don't currently have one set up that way, and I'm not convinced that it's really the best idea--it's just what I like. You'll hear lots of votes for something like an express dot or for a ghost ring. And these days an RMR or Holosun might be the choice. (I wonder how the ring in a 508T lines up with the pattern. Hmmm.)

You might like an oversized safety. Alternatively, you might hate it.

But the first thing to do is buy a smorgasbord of shells and a long roll of butcher paper, and find a place to shoot where you don't have to call a cease-fire in order to change targets. To pattern a shotgun, I take a roll of 18" wide paper and cut it into 54" lengths, and then mark it out as three targets, each with a 1" aiming dot. Even with it tripled up, it still feels like all of the work is in changing targets, with very little shooting. But take notes on everything. See which ammo groups evenly and consistently, without fliyers. And figure out how much spread you want at a given distance. Personally, I tend to use #1 buck, with a couple of slugs set aside. I experimented with everything from #4 buck up to 000, and decided #1 gives me what I want. But that will change based on the ranges you are working with and the cover you've got to contend with.

That's about everything I know about shotguns, summed up in a paragraph, but there are several people here who have spent a lot more time than me with a "boomstick."