Lawdog wrote:

I just read an article that proposes that the way to prevent mass shootings is to put 500,000 psychologists into public schools around the country and to force mental health treatment on the students who are identified as potentially susceptible to this kind of danger.
An insane proposal that would result in a huge increase of active shootings and school shootings. In all the years I've researched active shooters and school shooters, virtually every single one of them were on psychotropic drugs, mainly anti-depressants. Most of those drugs cause suicidal and/or homicidal ideation. It's virtually impossible to find one of these shooters who wasn't on one of these drugs. They usually flip out right around the time their dosage is increased or decreased or during withdrawal.

Dr. Breggin, one of the country's leading experts on how these drugs cause people to become active and mass shooters wrote a very user-friendly book detailing this phenomenon titled Medical Madness. For those who might want to read it, you can get it free in PDF format here:

That site, by the way, has lots of great free books by guys with last names like Cooper, Ayoob, Taylor, etc.