Where to start... This last Friday was my 16th wedding anniversary. My wife insisted that I go, after I had to reschedule the previous class, both because she knew I wanted too but also so I could bring the information back to share with her just in case. My wife is pretty amazing. In so many ways.

TL;DR version is: Shut up and take the class because its worth it.

If I were to give a micro statement about the class it would be "It demystifies what happens when the cops show up, explains the process, the motives of the cops and explains why you need to be your own advocate in explaining your actions in a way a lawyer that wasn't there never could."

Before taking this class I was pretty sure that after shooting a bad guy everything would work out. After all there's always news stories about people defending themselves and being ok afterwards. There was always a question of uncertainty and maybe a tiny bit of hesitation. It wouldn't have stopped me from razing the bad guy to the ground but I would be going into the after events blind and unsure. No longer. Gabe took us though the whole process, one he has been through more than once, and relayed that others had peer reviewed the material including judges.

Starting with calling 911 where you give a brief recount of what happened and who you to get the cops rolling to help any innocents and to be on the look out for you; the non bad guy and very much the victim. Once they show up their most likely courses of action were explained. How your involvement will either help or hinder your future and the likely course of events to follow. Being quiet and clutching your CCW insurance card isn't the best way to advocate for yourself. Unless your self destructive and think you could be popular in jail. I'd rather go home that night so I could get my wife cardio in.

The part that I wasn't looking forward to was the role play where you go through the whole process starting right after the last round is fired in a scenario you were surprised with. One the second day right after we talked about things it was pop quiz time. I choked so hard. lol. I rolled a natural 1 and got a critical fail. lol. I tried to build the scene, context, visualize the bad guys all at once and my brain blue screened. lol. Later that night I did a lot of practicing. Thinking about the gas station scenario I got earlier that day I discovered that if I just took elements from my day to day life and plugged them in then it took care of 99% of the practice. Setting it at the gas station I use all the time and a few other elements from my past it was cake. I am sure there is some actor or improve person screaming "DUH!!!!!" right now but I am not an actor and I have a face for radio. lol. Knowing that we were going to do everything from the 911 call all the way though the follow up interview I decided to take it and plug in stuff from my life into it.

So the next day I got an active shooter at the mall. I almost never go to the mall anymore unless my wife wants to go to the Coach or Michael Kors stores to buy a purse(s). I knew why I was at the mall and where I was going and I just used the floor plan from the mall by us. Easy. I did much much much better this time around lol. To the point where Marco gave me an inspiration die.

After taking this class all the fog of what will happen after burning the bad guys to the ground is gone. If anything the knowledge only bolsters confidence in shooting bad guys faces.

As usual class had a bunch of great people in it. Focused and motivated along with some great experience served to make things even more real and concrete. It was great to shake the hands of and meet the faces behind some of the screen names on here. There should be a few new members joining the tribe as a result of the class and I look forward to their participation. We will be better because of it.

This being the expanded class for 2022 there were two other sections. Dark Arts and Winning the life fight. So let me expand on them a little:

Dark Arts material:


Winning the life fight:

This section wasn't the most helpful to me due to who I am. lol. However I can say that the information contained in this section is excellent. Its 100% spot on and is a fantastic spring board for anyone looking to reach for their badass potential. If you want to cut the line on this section contact Gabe about his fitness program.