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    More "gunfighters" have died to metabolic disease than badguys.

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    Does the Suarez Medal of Valor come with a device for brutality?

    Platinum Trophy: Kill a badguy in such a way that earns a WT thread on it.

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    A little over 10 years ago I was about 50# heavier than I am currently. Yesterday I was carrying in 2 25# bags of #8 lead shot ..... That shit was heavy, hard to believe that was just me 10+ years ago.

    Now I just need to get back into it from after my surgery. Couple of weeks will be 6 months since getting cracked in half.
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    I may not be fast and I was heavy at 6' 285#. I now bounce between 195 and 202, but still jiggle. I am working on getting down to 180 and seeing where that takes me. I need to bump up my exercise and as long as the fat is low, I will not be worried about expected weight gain from muscle.
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