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    Prayers sent

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    Prayers sent.

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    I will start by saying I haven't had knee replacement (No doubt on my "to get done" list in the future). That being said, I have been in a work related accident that had me in Physical Therapy for 39 months straight a few years back. While there, I saw many patients come and go. The overwhelming attitude of knee replacement patients was, "I don't know why I waited so long to get this done.." If she is a good girl and does what the mean, mean Physical Therapist says down to the letter, she will have a quick recovery. I have been cut on A LOT, and no surgery is fun. This will be life changing for her in a very positive way.
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    Prayers sent. Just make sure she does all the rehab. Very important for knee replacements. My Mom was 62 when she had her first one done, she did not want to, but the pain got bad enough to get it done. It went so well and the pain was gone she had the other one done, also. Just make sure to do the rehab.

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    Oh, how I hate surgery, too!

    Prayers lifted for comfort & healing.
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    Prayers sent...
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