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    Default Shield Arms magazine for G48

    Canít find a discussion on this in WT. I donít trust much that I read on Glock talk, so Iím asking here.
    Does anyone on this forum have experience with the Shield Arms mags for the G43x and G48.
    Iím really loving myG48, and Iím getting ready to upgrade it to be my best possible edc. 15+1 would be nice if the mags are reliable.

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    I have some experience, and not all of it is good. They seem to be working well now, but they had some teething problems during development.

    I installed a first gen aluminum mag catch, which quickly deformed (after less than 500 rounds) and would fail to positively retain the second gen magazines. When I fired a round, the mag would eject itself. If I used a weird, forceful teacup grip, I could keep the gun running, but it was very far from ideal. That mag catch initially worked with the first gen mags, but eventually failed with those, too. To their credit, though, Shield replaced that mag catch with their second gen (steel) version without any cost to me.

    Their +5 baseplates leave me somewhat suspicious. There is a slight "stutter" as the follower passes up into the main body. So far, it hasn't caused any malfunctions, so maybe it isn't a problem at all. But I can feel the friction, which causes me to worry that it might induce malfunctions at some point. Once the follower has worked itself up into the main mag tube, it feeds smoothly. I wish they would just go back to the drawing board with this and make a unibody design, like the Magpul 21-rd mags.

    The problems that I experienced were all related to the generational changes they made. I believe they have worked out the problems now, but I still hesitate to give them a full endorsement. I would suggest avoiding the first gen stuff entirely. I still have some first gen mags, and they work fine (as long as I don't put the +5 extension on them). But to anyone getting in now, I would say to stick to Gen 2 all around, and get the "premium" mag catch.
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    I have second gen mags and catch. Have not had any issues thus far, but I haven't shot this gun a lot.
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    The first gens had some issues and were hit or miss. The second gen mags seem to have less problems but I’ve read several people complaining on various forums about the mags not working well after being loaded fo an extended period of time.

    Frankly, I dont trust them for more than range mags.

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    I had some feeding issues on one mag when I first seated a new mag, but that’s it… Problem has since dissipated and I haven’t had any issues in probably 2-3000rds.

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    One of the best ways for me to exercise my tools is in a class. I recently was in, the always excellent and always learn something profound, SI R/GDS gunfighter pistol class. The first day I ran my trusty SI compensated G19 and it ran flawlessly. The second and third days, which had both proactive and reactive shooting, I ran my SI compensated G43X. I exclusively used 4 Gen 1 shield 15 mags with their new steel mag catch. I do carry the G34X and wanted to confirm my ability to hit with it on demand and to see if the weapon system had any problems. I did not have a single failure in those two days and I can confirm my ability to put rounds where I need them with that compact package. The Gen 1 Shield mags ran very well. I did have some surface rust on them but they still worked fine and will be regulated to practice mags. I have bought some Gen 2 mags and will run those through the blaster and make sure they work. I also bought some of their +5 baseplates and will pay attention to the stutter that Lawdog mentions.
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    I had nothing but issues with the Shield Mags. I waited for the Gen 2's to come out hoping that the initial issues would be ironed out. Nope. They wouldn't fully lock in my gun. I sent them back and was told they were from a 'bad batch' and they sent me replacements. The replacements wouldn't lock in place either so I got rid of them. I'm sticking with OEM mags. If I want more capacity I'll use a G19.
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    When they initially came out they kept kicking out every round. The gen 2 with the steel mag catch has functioned fine for me. I still don't trust them as I am only 1k rounds in the gen 2 mags. At 2500 I will start carrying them if no malfunctions.

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    I have 3 with their mag catch. I waited and bought
    them several(?) months after their initial release to
    let them get the bugs work worked out. I later called
    & requested replacement springs as the earlier ones
    were having a tendency to become compressed.
    They also shipped new followers & floor plates.
    After that they have been 100%, but I have not ran
    them 1000's of rounds. Maybe a 400 hundred for all
    of them, but enough for me to feel comfortable
    enough to daily carry them in my 43x with an SI
    slide, barrel & comp, and 507c. I will periodically
    run the gun at the range or briefly in a class to
    keep it vetted & it hasn't stumbled, yet.

    I didn't buy/build it to hammer it. I built it for
    the purpose of vetting & maintaining it for
    street daily carry as a mid size gun, and it
    has been great in that role.

    No rust issues, they always lock back, & fall free.

    I am good to go with mine.
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    I am told that the Taran tactical +5 extensions for the shield mags are much better than the shield +5 versions.

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