2023 marks 50 years for me of martial study and teaching. And in 2023 we will take the art of tactics and strategy to new levels. While others are worrying about scores and split times, we are teaching you to kill the bad guys and win the gunfight...before, during, and after.

No bullshit...no games...just bloody real life experience...applied and professed. Welcome to the tribe of renaissance warriors.

Next year look for the following courses, all taught by me.

Optic Sighted Pistol Gunfighting

Force On Force Gunfighting

Rifle Gunfighting

Shotgun Gunfighting

Direct Action Team Tactics

CQB Indoor Tactics (Force on Force)

Killing Within The Law

The majority will be held at our training location in Chino Valley, Arizona, but we will be accepting requests to provide training elsewhere. We are working on our 2023 schedule now.
If you would like to host a Gabe Suarez course in your area, send me an email - info@suarezinternational.com