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    Gabriel Suarez

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    Good stuff bro....
    Nothing says Fuck You like a shotgun.....

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    Thank you kind sir! I was fortunate to find S.I. many years ago, with everything learned has helped me get ahead of the pack, the rat race, not just skills but mindset as well. As you stated "There's alot of people who are coming new to this study and they don't understand", certainly agree to help them understand and not put them down, by putting this information (video) out there will bring them in closer to the circle.

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    I have switched optics on my pistol numerous times. My irons stay sighted in for 10 yards with my carry ammo, and my range ammo hits so close to the same Point of Impact (PoI) as my carry ammo I donít need to fiddle with the ironsí alignment.

    No matter what same footprint optic I mount on my milled slideónew, refurbished, different manufacturer, etc.óto sight in the optic, I simply align the opticís window reference point (dot, triangle, whatever) with the properly aligned iron sights. The irons have not changed, so I use the opticís adjustments if necessary to bring the Point of Aim for the optic to the ironsí PoA/PoI. Takes one minute. Can be done at home. No need to fire even one shot. Both sighting systems will deliver the same PoI whether used separately or jointly under live fire.

    Thereafter, ignoring the irons, the opticís reference point being placed on the target while positioned anywhere in the window will produce the hit.

    Gabe pointed out a few years ago with some graphics that as the ďdotĒ floats around in the window, careful observation of the iron sightsí alignment will show they are actually pointing toward the dot! First image is from Dawson Precision Sights.


    Itís like riding a bike. A little challenging (conceptually) at first, then easy forever. Cowitnessing. The only way to go.
    The aggregation of marginal gains.

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