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    Default Body Armor: O.G. Vs. Gamebeson. Which for What?

    I've got budget this week to order some body armor.

    I've been trying to decide between the Gambeson package and the O.G. package.

    The problem is that I really don't have the knowledge and experience to evaluate the products. The only armor I've worn before was either soft body armor, or whatever it was that the US Army was issuing to contractors in Iraq in 2009.

    What I like about the Gambeson is that it appears to be really simple. There's magazine pouches in the elastic on the sides, so I can have 2 spare AR and two spare pistol, and room for maybe a TQ. I could then get velcro panels for additional "stuff" depending on what's going on.

    The O.G. package seems to be more complicated. More expandable and more flexible, but it's not immediately evident to me how it all goes together.

    I'd be interested in thoughts, opinions and more information.

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    Think of the Gambeson as a more concealable application worn under a shirt. Kinda like what LE wore in the 1990s. Easy to wear daily. Not a Direct Action - kick the door and shoot faces rig...more of a "They cant tell I am wearing armor" unit.

    The OG...referring to Original a Direct Action package easily hidden under am oversized hoodie...but not really "concealable".

    I intend to keep mine relatively light...but the intent here is not a self defense application like the Gambeson...but rather a "Go in harms way intentionally to kick harm in the balls and burn down his house".
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